Waiting for the Click

I could invent the cure for cancer, balance the budget, or circum-navigate the globe on a kick-ass tricycle that doubled as a dingy, but to most of you, I’d still be known as “that guy with triplets.” Accordingly, you might be surprised to learn what I looked like just a few short years ago. The picture then was drastically different than the picture now.

So what changed? Tough to say. But whatever it was, it began on a safari in South Africa. I suppose you could call it my “click” moment. That’s certainly what my close friend Leslee Horner would call it.

Today, I’m proud to be a small part of Leslee’s blog, Waiting for the Click. Before I drop the link, there are two things about Leslee you need to know. First–of all the wonderful people I’ve met since I started blogging back in November, none have made an impression on me like she has. Second–in a blogoshpere filled with countless people doing their best Dooce impersonations, Leslee has the beauty, talent, and guts to do her own thing. Her blog is unique, and, like her, it gives thought to thinking. Simply put, it’s excellent, and I highly recommend it.

Click here for my click story. It will tell you how I purposefully set out to change the way I look. Then click on some of Leslee’s other posts and you’ll quickly see why I’m such a fan.

Thanks, Leslee!

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