My Pregnant Wife is the Amy Winehouse of Nesting

That crib looks like shit there. — Right as always, Amy. Right as always. Image: judacoregio‘s photostream via Creative Commons

Caroline’s been on this hardcore nesting bender for like 12 seeks now which, when you think about it, kinda makes her the Amy Winehouse of nesting. For example, just last Saturday she woke me up at 6:30 in the morning with the following comment: “I don’t think we should put this year’s Christmas tree where we put it last year. I think we should move it to where we had it the year before instead.” And while that may have been disconcerting, it was nothing compared to the online extravaganza she embarked upon just two hours later when she decided to knock out a little Christmas shopping. (Send. Help. Now.)

Anyway, I blogged about it a bit ago and today, the fine folks at GoodMenProject are running it on their site. To read it, please click here. (But don’t forget to send help.)

Dads Worth Only Half of What Moms Worth

Image: Tobyotter Creative Commons

That’s right. I said it. And if you don’t believe me, just ask your wife. She’ll tell you. So will a new survey that’s out, one which compares the fair market value of moms vs. dads. I’m not sure I’m buying it, though and I explain why in a recent piece I wrote for TLC’s blog, Parentables. It was my second post I’ve written for them and I’m fired up to be writing for them. Look for three, maybe four efforts a week from me there. Anyway, click if you wanna read either of my first two posts:

Why Summer’s Overrated. Sorta.
Dad’s: You’re Only Worth Half What Mom’s Worth. Happy Father’s Day.

But that’s not all. NO, it’s not. I’ve also got a new piece up at GoodMenProject that’s of the Father’s Day variety. So if you’re wondering what your (or your husband’s) father’s day gift says about you (or him), you might wanna click the following:

What Your Father’s Day Gift Says About You

Or, you could just read the breaking news on Congressman Weiner. Hey, that gives me a little idea…


My Attempt at Laundry? More Like the Dense Cycle

One of my favorite sites I write for is the GoodMenProject. They recently asked if I’d do a quick bit about laundry and I was thrilled they did. For I have very strong, albeit detached feelings about laundry and it centers around my beautiful wife’s mastery of it. It was fun to write, but then again, it’s not every day I get to use the word load. Or make parallels between my laundry life and impotence.

I know. I’m like 15. Here it is, however, should you still wanna read it:

Almost as daunting to me as going off to college was the prospect of doing my own laundry. Until I realized something, that is. Laundry’s a lay up—one I made countless times armed only with a handful of change, a box of detergent, and a rudimentary understanding of my exciting new world which was suddenly subdivided into tidy little categories defined by water temperature and fabric color.

That’s not to say I didn’t have an occasional mishap. Indeed, I did. Often it was my liberal interpretation of what, exactly, fit into the whites category. Hot water, it turns out, isn’t always as forgiving as one might like. Or so I gathered by the plethora of ambiguously pink apparel that suddenly graced my wardrobe.

continue reading

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Bristol Palin, Dieting Babies and Elmo

Ah, Elmo. My old nemesis.

I promise that one day I’ll get used to the amount of writing I’m doing outside my personal blog and resume posting here as often as I once did. One day, soon, at that.

If for no other reason than because this is my favorite place to write. After all, it’s 100% me. That’s not to say I don’t like writing for other sites. I do. It’s just that at other places, I sometimes cover topics I may not have chosen to write about here.

However, much of what I write for other sites is stuff that I find interesting. What’s more, I think you might, too. So every Saturday, I’m going to (try to) put up a post here with links to my favorite non-JCO posts from the week prior. All of these curation posts, if you will, are categorized under “Babbling,” a new category you may have noticed in my toolbar.

Of the 10 posts I wrote at Babble this past week, three stand out. One of them has my favorite title, ever. Sadly, it’s about complete morons who subject their babies to diets.

Does This Onesie Make My Baby’s Butt Look Big?

Another is about an unlikely battle of wits. Bristol Palin versus Keith Olbermann. With a guest appearance made by the Situation.

Bristol Palin to Keith Olbermann: I’m Perfectly Qualified To Advocate Teen Abstinence

The third Babble post I liked? I poked fun at myself via a truly horrendous yuletide picture of my family taken last year.

Tis the Season for Awkward Family Photos: Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha, Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha

I liked my post at Man Of The House so much that I actually posted the first part of it here. It’s about my dad, who’s undoubtably enjoying his first holiday in Heaven with my sister Holliday. I’ve linked it again, in case you missed it.

Thanks, Dad: Determination, Strength and Dignity

And my efforts at the Good Men Project’s “Dad’s Good” (no so into the name “Dad’s Good”) are two oldies but goodies. One is a tender account of the night my 2 year-old comforted me for a change. If you read it, you’ll think I’m a woman.

Monster’s Scared

The other is a scathing letter to Elmo. If you read it, you’ll think I’m a jerk. Or that I hate Elmo. Possibly both.

Dear Elmo

Good Men Project’s Dad’s Good

I'm in great company at Dad's Good.

One of my favorite groups recently launched an awesome new site within their site. Yesterday, The Good Men Project Magazine founded by Tom Matlack and publisher Lisa Hickey, introduced Dads Good: The Best of the Daddy Bloggers to their readers. And I was very flattered (if not somewhat overestimated) to be one of the few they asked to contribute.

Others include Aaron Gouveia of The Daddy Files, Craig Playstead of The Blog of Craig Playstead, Derek Markham from Natural PapaDad Centric founder Jason Avant, Jim Higley of Bobblehead Dad and Ron Mattocks of ClarKKentsLunchbox.

Trying hard to be a good dad is very cool.

I’ve been reading the bulk of these guys since I started blogging last year. And while it’s important to note that I’m tough on blogs in general and writing in specific, I genuinely believe that these guys have serious chops. So I hope you’ll come check us out by clicking here.


Photo: MorgueFile

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