What’s Next for Michelle Duggar’s Uterus?

By now I’m sure that y’all have heard that the Duggars are expecting child number 20. But have you heard that Michelle Duggar’s uterus isn’t exactly sold on the idea? This, according to the recent letter which announced that Michelle Duggar’s uterus is resigning at the conclusion of this pregnancy.

Pretty surprising, no? I mean, after 18 pregnancies (two were with twins) and over 160 months of gestation, one might assume that the Duggar uterus would continue the way of the Energizer Bunny and keep going and going and going… After all, in its resignation letter, the uterus (correctly) categorized itself as “the hardest working uterus in show business… the James Brown of uteri.”

Given such, many have openly wondered if the Duggar uterus could actually be content to sit idly by after having faithfully punched the baby-factory clock for a total of 13-1/2 cumulative years.

[read more to learn the top 5 second careers the Duggar uterus is contemplating over at BabbleVoice]

Image courtesy of Spec-ta-cles via Creative Commons

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