Luke’s First Swim

So, we’re totally up and running over at DisneyBaby, so come take a peek. It’s like 40 chicks and me and I’m really hoping I can fit in there by just being…myself. Hang in there with me while I try to find my voice. Over at Babble Voices and here (the primary places I write) I can sorta just go wherever my mind takes me, so this might be a bit of an adjustment.

That said, this is just a short and sweet number about the joys of swimming. Luke loves the pool and we love the pool even better when he’s in it. To check it out, please click HERE. And, for what it’s worth, the picture above is a bonus pic — not part of the post over at Disney. It’s not the greatest pic of the trips, but I love how Luke’s mouth is open. It just cracks me up.

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