The Triplets Are Repeating Each Other. You Copy?

We’ve reached a reasonably annoying stage here at the Osborne house. The repeating stage. You copy?

You better not. Copy, that is. Because if you do, I’ll send your ass to time out just like I did the triplets.

So lemme backup a bit and provide a little context. The triplets just turned five and I don’t know if it’s their ever expanding vocabulary or what, but it seems they’ve taken to copying each other. One of them will say something, then one of the other two will say the exact same thing, intonations and all.

So, first, they’re pretty damn good at it, the whole intonation bit being a particularly nice touch. But second, such mimicking is invariably met by the following:

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Younger Siblings and the Unfortunate Byproduct of Playing Up

when little kids find themselves in sandboxes meant for their older siblings.

A Phrase is Coined

Shortly after I married Caroline, she introduced me to the concept of “playing up.” Only she didn’t call it “playing up” because, unlike me, she’s not prone to coining phrases for varied and random phenomenon. Regardless, she was talking about a precocious little boy, one who had the reputation of dropping age-inappropriate pop culture references. Along with the occasional F-bomb. I wondered aloud how such a young kid could already be swimming in the profane waters of sexual innuendo, to which Caroline replied:

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The Time We Met Our Brother

Soon after Caroline and I first learned that she was pregnant with Luke, I was surprised to find that I actually had to mourn the loss of something: the “youngest child” status that the triplets would soon give up. This, of course, made me appreciate just how incredibly well Alli handled the triplets’ arrival. Sure, you could hear her gears grind just a bit during the first few months of their lives, but all in all, she adjusted beautifully. So beautifully, in fact, that I honestly don’t think Caroline and I would be half as effective in raising the triplets without her.

So now the question, of course, becomes how will the triplets handle the arrival of their brother?

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