How to Make the Best Chicken You’ll Ever Eat

Two quick things: First, this post is sponsored by World Harbors which makes a lineup of marinades ideal for grilling. And second, thanks to World Harbors, I’ve made the best chicken wings I’ve ever made, and if you wanna make chicken wings that will blow you away, you’re in luck. Because I’m gonna break it down for you in this post.

Anyone who knows me well also knows this: I’m passionate about grilling. In fact, I believe that grilling is a form of art which is exactly why I also believe that one’s grilling is limited only by one’s imagination. So when I was recently approached by World Harbors to write a couple of posts about their grill-related marinades to help spread the word about their “Passport to Flavor” sweeps, I totally agreed. You know, because I’m so passionate about grilling. Well, that, and because when you have five kids, it’s never a horrible thing if you have a legitimate, work-related excuse to bail on your wife and fire up the grill.

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