Would You Consider Plastic Surgery?

Recently comedienne, actress and author Ali Wentworth vlogged that after much deliberation, she’d finally decided to get her eyes done. Ali is part of the BabbleVoices crew and it didn’t take long after her post for an incredible thread to develop. And in that thread, many beautiful and bright minds that I respect and admire chimed in with their take — each as articulate as it was respectful.

Anyway, I’ve have feelings on the whole plastic surgery deal, so earlier today, I decided to post them over on BabbleVoices. If you’d like to read it, click HERE.

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Seeing Yourself The Way Your Children Do

The Velveteen Rabbit teaches us how.

I had an exchange the other day with a friend I’d not spoken to in quite some time. Our conversation centered around the fortieth birthday she was about to “celebrate.” I put celebrate in quotes because the mother of two will do anything but. She admitted in no uncertain terms just how mightily she was dreading the occasion — struggling with it, even.

When I asked her why, she told me she was afraid of losing her edge. She didn’t ever want there to come a day when she wasn’t considered attractive anymore. It was harder than ever for her to “keep her figure.” She no longer had the same amount of energy as she used to. Each day of never-ending subservience to her young children was blending into the next. She felt rundown. And what’s worse, whenever she spied her own image looking back at her from a full-length mirror, she believed that she looked rundown. Especially compared to the way she looked just a few years ago.

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