10 Things I Wish My 10 Year Old Knew

I wrote something on my BabbleVoices blog yesterday that I kinda liked called 10 Things I Wish My 10 Year Old knew. The genesis of it all is this: One of the coolest things about being a parent is all the stuff you remember about yourself by simply raising your children. And here’s the greatest part — the child in question doesn’t even have to be your biological child to remind you of yourself. Alli is constantly reminding me of what I used to be like. And while those reminders often make me smile, they can also make me smack my forehead in frustration.

Because she’s ten. And, just like me at age 10, she knows quite a lot. Especially compared to what she knew just a year or two ago. But (and, again, just like me at age 10) she doesn’t know everything. And there are some things that I really wish she did know, mainly because they were things that I ultimately had to learn the hard way. So, in that regard, this post is probably as much about me and what I failed to understand as it is about Alli in specific or 10-year-olds in general.

I only share all of this with you because  I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m speaking critically of my oldest. I’m not. And, what’s more, I never would in a forum such as this. Ever. Instead, it’s with great admiration and, of course, with great love that I wrote this one. Because Alli is an incredible little girl and I’m so lucky to get to be her stepdad. Luckier still that she’s able to show me what I once was.

SO, if you’d like to check it out, please click HERE.

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