The Family of Happy Campers

As I’m wont to do, I’ve written another post about camping over at Babble. It’s about how I finally talked Caroline into camping and why she’s glad she did it. As an added bonus, and in a related topic, ABC News linked back to the piece, but only because I was quoted in an article that is up on the ABC News dot com site that discusses how too few children are getting outside enough.

I’m happy to say that we don’t have that problem. Happier, still, to report that we are planning a big family camp out this summer. No big deal in that Caroline, Alli and I have gone on more than one (three?) camping trips together. A HUGE deal, though, in that this time the suddenly-not-so-tiny trio will be coming with us.

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Our 12 Best Family Pics of 2011

Hard to believe that 2011 is coming to a close. Okay, no it’s not. That’s just something people say. It’s hard to believe that summer’s already here. Or, I can’t believe you’re such a big boy already. Why is it that people have such a hard time believing that time passes us by? It’s so utterly…believable.

Even so, there are times which strike me as more profound than others. And the end of the year is one such time, possibly because it’s such a natural period of reflection. Which is exactly why I decided to make my final post of 2011 a reflective one.

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Photo: woodleywonderworks

The Romantic Getaway That Got Bumped and the Fight That Ensued

Well, fight might be a bit strong. Because my lovely wife and I don’t really fight. We bicker. But the romantic getaway part is right on the money. Because that’s exactly what we had on the books. A romantic getaway. We need a break, y’all. Alone. Away from our five offspring and their various demands.

See, I’m a trickle-down guy. I genuinely believe that my number one earthly commitment isn’t to my children, but rather to my wife. Before all you helicopter-types gasp in indignation, ponder this:

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