10 Astonishingly Annoying Toys

Love the girl. Hate the toy.

Love the kid, but hate the toy? Boy oh boy, do I ever know how you feel. But having five kids? I’ve built a pretty reasonable tolerance to annoying toys. That said, I ran across one the other day that brought me to my knees and had me contemplating leaving my family. Instead, I vented via a Facebook post and took solace knowing that I wasn’t alone. After all, misery loves company. And thanks to that company, I came up with a list of dreadful toys that I wrote about over at TLC today. I think it’s pretty funny. In a macabre kinda way, that is. So I hope you’ll check it out by clicking HERE.

Does Your 9 Year Old Need an iPad?

I meant to link this up the day I wrote it and just forgot. So some of you on my twitter and FB feed may already know about this by now, so sorry if it’s a repeat. But I think it’s worth posting here because the question, at least in my opinion, is a compelling one. My daughter’s school is requiring that every student have an iPad to navigate their curriculum starting this upcoming year. She’s 9. So whaddya think? Does your 9-year-old need an iPad? Read my take on TLC’s Parentables by clicking HERE.

Top 10 Advantages to Being an Older Parent

C holding GF — and there really are a lot of advantages to being an older parent.

One site I really enjoy writing for is TLC’s Parentables because one of the people I blog alongside is Kate Gosselin. Which means that I’m obviously this close to getting my own reality TV show. Only we’re not gonna have any more kids, and five’s not that remarkable, so I’ll probably need a catchy title. Hmm. Ain’t no Maybes. No More Babies? Close, but not quite. Let’s see… Even if we Tried, Her Tubes Are Tied? But her tubes aren’t tied, so that doesn’t make sense. How ’bout No More Trips ‘Cause John’s Gettin Snipped? (Incidentally, I got those titles from a tongue-in-cheek post I wrote in Jan of 2010 about how C and I would never have any more children, a post I called Get Real. Eerie, no?)

Regardless, I hope you’ll click through to check out two posts I recently wrote for them. The first one’s supposed to be ha-ha and the second one opens me up to ridicule because who am I to tell you what you should and should not discuss with your kids? Still, I did it anyway. Just because, I suppose. In any event, here they are, should you want to check them out. Look for original content on this blog tomorrow…

Top 10 Advantages to Being an Older Parent and
7 Things Every Parent Should Discuss with Their Kids and 3 Things They Absolutely Should Not

If Pop Songs Were Written For Toddlers: The Potty Training Edition

Image: ceedub13 via Creative Commons 2.0

Yeah. Okay. So we’re sorta rockin’ potty jokes today. Better than Weiner jokes, I suppose. Hope TLC doesn’t mind! Oh well. Too late now, I guess, because I went ahead and posted it on their website, Parentables. The post is basically a story about how I used to sing to the triplets during their potty training years. If you think you’ve read it before, you may have read something similar, but this one’s got potty-altered songs I’ve yet to mention (though there is one cross-over).

As you can tell from the photo above, one of them is a Snoop Dogg song. Drop It In The Pot, of course. The others?

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5 Things I’ve Learned from My Toddler Triplets

My latest piece for TLC’s Parentable’s blog is all about our wee threesome. Namely the lessons that they’ve taught me. After all, we’re just 4 weeks from the birth of Grand Finale, and I’m sorta starting to freak out, so I thought now would be the perfect time to write something about what we learned last go round.

So if I’ve already sold you on wanting to read the post, then click here. But, if you wanna find out what the five categories are as well as see the pics I used for the actual post before you decide weather or not to click on over to Parentables, that’s fine, too. I’ve posted them after the jump.

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