8 Reasons Family Road Trips Kill Your Soul Dead

So, the crew and I recently went down to Hilton Head Island for a little beach getaway, and something occurred to me approximately seven minutes into our 8-hour drive.

It sucked.

I wrote about it over at my BabbleVoices blog. Click HERE to check it out.

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Irrefutable Proof That I Was Right And Caroline Was Wrong [Video]

Caroline and I put together a little Valentine’s Day video that I first posted on my BabbleVoices blog. If you watched the video, I’m sure you remember that part of our playful debate centered around her driving abilities, or lack thereof.

You see, I contended that Caroline ┬áhas limited ability when it comes to driving while she countered with the contention that she’s actually quite adept behind the wheel. So we took our conflicting opinions to a third party arbitrator who was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to rule on the matter.

And the following 30-second video proves that I was right. (Shocker.) Check it out.

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