Homemade Hot Air Balloons: The Liftoff Edition

Okay, so our homemade hot air balloon can’t quite rival the one pictured above. Still, though, it’s pretty kick-ass. And when we last left off, my redneck friends and I were tinkering around with it at one of our favorite campsites. Unfortunately, we couldn’t quite get that damn thing airborne, though trying repeatedly to do just that was one of the most wholesome brands of fun I’ve had in quite some time. (Is it “quite some time” or “quite sometime”? I think it’s “quite some time.”)

But it was more than just fun. It was challenging. And my friends and I love challenges. Which is exactly why I closed my last post with: Stay tuned for the video I make when we finally get it to work. Because I can promise you that it’s coming.

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That Time We Made A Hot Air Balloon

Caroline and the kids are away at the beach which means that I’ve got the house to myself. And at first, I thought I’d love the time alone, but the truth is that I’m super lonely and don’t know what to do with myself.

That last bit? Total horseshit. The real truth is this: I was fired up beyond belief to learn about this rare and jumbo-size hall pass. SO the first thing I did was to ask a few of my jackass friends to go camping with me starting on the very day my crew was leaving — last Friday. We went to the spot we frequent — a primitive campsite on the bank of an obscure lake in western North Carolina.

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