Nature’s Own Thrill of the Grill Challenge: We Have a Winner

True story: this picture was taken while C and I and the kids were on vacation and I took it to prove one simple point — Caroline and I are down with Nature’s Own. Even when we’re away. We buy their bread products all the time at Butler and Bailey in Rocky Hill. Really like their multi-grain sandwich rounds and use them for (get this) sandwiches, but also as buns for burgers.

But now there’s another reason why I love Nature’s Own. They invited me to be a part of a very cool contest — the Nature’s Own Thrill of the Grill Challenge where six (I think it was six) bloggers squared off to see who would be named Nature’s Own Grill Master. The winner was to receive a large Big Green Egg® + starter kit.

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Nature’s Own Thrill of the Gill Challenge: And the Winner Is…

Okay, y’all, sorry for not getting this to you sooner, but I’ve gotten a few emails / FB messages asking me what was up with the Nature’s Own Thrill of the Grill Challenge and the answer is…

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Nature’s Own Thrill of the Grill Challenge: How to Grill the Perfect Steak or Win a Big Green Egg® for Free. Possibly Both.

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? See that picture of my Big Green Egg® up there? Wanna win one? (Well, actually, you’d be winning one nicer. Mine’s a medium and you could win a large which retails for around $800 …UPDATE — A friend of mine just told me that I actually have a large Big Green Egg®, which shows you how dumb I am. So, anyway, you can win one just like mine! — END UPDATE) Well, I want you to win one, too. And what’s more, you could do just that by leaving a comment on this post with your favorite grilling tip.

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