General Namelessness

Me: Too bad you’re not giving birth to a horse.

C: Why?

Me: Because “horse with no name” is a recognized and accepted phrase within the American lexicon.

C: Well, with you as the dad, he could easily be a jackass. So you’ve got that.

This is clearly gonna be a game-time decision. Maybe we should just go with Sigourney Weaver.

Grand Finale Osborne

Shhhh. He’s sleeping.

So, just two weeks and six days until Grand Finale Osborne begins his reign of planet Earth. That noise you may have heard a second ago? It was the sound of the brick I just passed hitting the ground.┬áBecause I gotta admit, I’m freaking out a bit. And the plethora of Dr. Brown’s bottles which have suddenly appeared out of nowhere?

Not helping. But one thing that does help is looking at these pictures of him.

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