Picture of the Weekend, Aiming Low and One of the Girls

Not only did we survive another weekend, but we also managed to snap this great picture of Kirby holding her baby brother. Isn’t it cute? If only every moment of the adjusting phase were filled with such cuteness. The picture is pretty much a tease, though, because it’s the only original content I have in today’s effort. Not a lotta writing going on this weekend.

Well, I did write one thing, but it’s for Aiming Low — a fantastically clever and funny website that I’m extremely fired up to write for. So as a way of celebrating my new association with them, I’m re-posting an old post that has an Aiming Low connection, albeit a tenuous one. You see, one of the Aiming Low writers is an extremely talented and versatile woman named Schmutzie. And one of the many things she does is share great writing with her readers each and every week via a feature of her blog known as Five Star Friday. Last year, I made the cut with a post I wrote called One of the Girls. If you’re down for reading, click read more and you’ll see it after the jump. Oh. And real quick? It should be noted that the entire post was written tongue-in-cheek and that I absolutely LOVE the woman I refer to as Cindy. Okay, without further ado…

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