Festivus, Digital Nativity, Santa’s Tired Ass and My Oldest Daughther

Yuletide greetings, everyone. The image to the left is the photo which we attached to our Christmas card this year. Hard to believe that next year’s will include another face! Just a quick roundup post to give you links to my favorites of what I’ve written elsewhere during the past two weeks.

I just posted a bit on Festivus over at Babble which might amuse you.

Festivus May Be for The Rest of Us, But It Won’t Fly in My House

And this link will take you to a post which features a one of the coolest versions of the Nativity which I have ever seen. (YouTube video you HAVE to check out if you’ve not already seen it…)

The Nativity Scene Goes Digital

And I wrote a little cynical bit about Santa over at Man of the House which I thought was kinda funny.

How I Learned To Love Santa Again

But the highlight for me was the series of posts I did on my stepdaughter for Babble. One of them got picked up by the Huffington Post which was a really cool thing, I thought. I’ve already linked to it, so I won’t bother linking again, but I will provide you two other links to the other two posts I wrote.

This first one, I understand, is currently being considered by HuffPo. It’s a reaction to a recent New York Times piece which detailed hip new versions of blended families. Turns out the one Lovie and I have is the old fuddy-duddy type. (Give me a break.)

Traditional Step Family Model Out of Favor?

And this one contains one of my favorite Pookie stories ever. Of the three, it’s my personal favorite.

I Already Have A Daughter. Who Do You Think Let Me Marry My Wife?

Happy Holidays, y’all!

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