All I Want For Father’s Day

Wanna hear something funny? I had no idea that this Sunday was Father’s Day till about 10 minutes ago when my wife called and asked me how I wanted to spend the special day. So before I share with you the answer I gave her, let me first tell you why I think I forgot about the big day. There are two reasons, actually. First, I’m not really into Father’s Day. No knock on it, but…I dunno, it’s just not my deal. But, second, Caroline and the kids have been away since last Friday at the beach, so I’ve been flying solo and holidays are one of the things you tend to lose track of when you’re flying solo.

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Father’s Day in Heaven

Image: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ via Creative Commons

Early one morning in 2002, my brother picked me up from the airport and drove me to the hospital to see my dad. He had been unresponsive since the afternoon before. His rapid turn for the worse was what had prompted the previous night’s phone calls urging me to catch a cross-country flight if I ever wanted to see him alive again.

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Dads Worth Only Half of What Moms Worth

Image: Tobyotter Creative Commons

That’s right. I said it. And if you don’t believe me, just ask your wife. She’ll tell you. So will a new survey that’s out, one which compares the fair market value of moms vs. dads. I’m not sure I’m buying it, though and I explain why in a recent piece I wrote for TLC’s blog, Parentables. It was my second post I’ve written for them and I’m fired up to be writing for them. Look for three, maybe four efforts a week from me there. Anyway, click if you wanna read either of my first two posts:

Why Summer’s Overrated. Sorta.
Dad’s: You’re Only Worth Half What Mom’s Worth. Happy Father’s Day.

But that’s not all. NO, it’s not. I’ve also got a new piece up at GoodMenProject that’s of the Father’s Day variety. So if you’re wondering what your (or your husband’s) father’s day gift says about you (or him), you might wanna click the following:

What Your Father’s Day Gift Says About You

Or, you could just read the breaking news on Congressman Weiner. Hey, that gives me a little idea…


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