Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax and the 4 Year Old Backpackers

I have a feeling the Lorax would have liked this hike.

I’m a huge Dr. Seuss fan and I’m fired up about his birthday tomorrow. But not just because of his birthday. It’s also the day that yet another one his masterpieces comes to life on the big screen, this time The Lorax. So when I was asked to take part of a campaign on Babble sponsored by The Lorax, I jumped at the opportunity.

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Dr. Seuss and Pregnancy

Ted Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss

Well, March 2nd is right around the corner. And guess what that day is? The birthday of the late, great Ted Geisel. Who’s Ted Geisel, you ask? Why, Dr. Seuss, of course. Did you know that his legendary book, Green Eggs and Ham has only 50 different words in it?

How cool is that? So brilliant. To honor Dr. Seuss and his brilliance, I’ve decided to write a Cat-in-the-Hat-style poem about pregnancy. Only unlike Dr. Seuss, I wont limit the number of words I’ll use.

But I will stick to the theme, which, essentially, is one character pestering another. But instead of Sam-I-am, the character will be called Dad-I-be. And instead of green eggs and ham, Dad-I-be’s pestering will center around pregnancy. My wife’s responses to Dad-I-be are in italics.

Oh, and by the way, gimme a break on the the Dad-I-be deal. Dad-I-am doesn’t rhyme with pregnancy. Okay. Here goes:

continue to poem (for what it’s worth, it’s one of my stronger efforts. i think…)

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Our Pookie Gets Kookie–Lets Loose on Dr. Seuss

Pookie and her classmates paid tribute to the late, great Dr. Seuss in honor of his March 2nd birthday by creating their very own version of his 1974 classic There’s a Wocket in My Pocket. Lovie and I are usually well aware of Pookie’s various assignments, but this one caught us off guard. In fact, the first time we learned of it was when she brought the completed project home earlier this week.

How great is that? Seriously? I mean who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? I couldn’t wait to read all of the nonsensical rhymes that these sweet children had come up with.

One girl depicted the mysterious presence of a JHOTTER on her FLYSWATTER, which was drinking her flavored WATER. Adorable!

Another child wrote of a SHAT on his CAT which liked his friend MATT. I kinda wondered if this kid wasn’t confused, though. I’d be willing to bet it was nothing more than a CAT who SHAT on a MATT, but, hey, it ain’t my book.

One boy detailed the presence of a WACKET in his JACKET which was making a lot of RACKET. Well, I suppose that one’s okay as long as he didn’t WACKET in his JACKET. Because that really would be a RACKET, you know.

Another boy reported a LONUT on his DONUT that was eating his COCONUT. Good effort, but probably my least favorite of the bunch thus far. I’d put it just behind the one about the cat that was taking a shit all over the place. And, hey, I don’t mean to pry, but you really don’t want anything messing with your DONUTS, especially if it’s eating your COCONUT for crying out loud. Plus, it’s a little early for the onset of a LONUT, don’t you think?

If I were that kid’s father, I’d be hauling his ass to the doctor post haste. What’s that? No appointments available? No problem. Me and Mr. LONUT, here, will be happy to wait. You know, just in case someone bails. We need to see you ASAP. That’s right. We don’t mess around when it comes to the parts down there. The last thing we want is for this thing to get worse and turn into a case of Green Eggs and Ham. I don’t care what Sam has to say about it. You do NOT want that.

I waited with bated breath until I finally came across Pookie’s contribution. It’s the second one on the page below.

“Lovie! We need to redo the password on the DVR. I’m pretty sure Pookie’s been watching Meet the Parents!”

Is it just me, or does that font make the “o” in “Focker” look a lot like a “u?”

“Look on the bright side,” I told Lovie. “At least the sport’s not called sucker. Then we’d have a real problem on our hands. Oh, and don’t forget to put that boy with the LONUT issue on the blacklist, okay honey? The last thing we want is for that kid to wind up taking Pookie to the prom one day. I’m not so sure about the one with the JACKET either. Better put him down, too. Just in case.”

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