Man vs. Wife

Okay, that might be a touch dramatic. The whole “Man vs. Wife” thing. But before I get into all that, first I wanna tell y’all about an exciting new project I’m proud to be a part of over at Babble. It’s called BabbleVoices and it features 29 well-known, well-read and well-respected writers / bloggers (including Samantha Bee of The Daily Show) and, um, me. The group contains many of my favorite bloggers, like Tanis Miller (aka RedneckMommy), Mr. Lady (Whiskey in My Sippy Cup) and Doug French (Laid Off Dad) to name but a few. Another interesting note about BabbleVoices? Knoxville is well represented, my friends, as three of the 30 hail from the friendly 865 — Jennifer Doyle and Katie Allison Granju and yours truly.

The blog they set up for me is called JCO Multiplied and you can visit my homepage by clicking HERE. And, if you’re so inclined, you can get the JCO Multiplied feed by clicking HERE.

Anyhoo, why I’m part of this collection of such talented folks is beyond me. Unless, of course, they needed someone to fill the schadenfreude category, as I suspect that most of my readers follow me simply because I make them feel better about their own lives, what with my musings of toddler-train-wrecks and whatnot. Which, when you think about it, makes me a lovable loser of sorts, albeit one who married far, far above his head.

Which, incidentally, brings me full circle to title of this post. As Caroline and I have been engaged in a bit of a debate and I wrote about it as one of my first posts on BabbleVoices. This one is heavy on JCO / Lovie dialogue, and, per usual, Caroline holds up her end of the bargain just fine, thank you very much.

I hope you’ll go over and read the post and perhaps even LEAVE A COMMENT? (I’m feeling a bit insecure amongst all the rockstars and could use a comment or two to take the edge off…) The post is called The Time My Wife Called Me an MFer. Hope you enjoy.

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