5 Things About Dad 2.0

Real quick, HUGE shout out to the sponsors of Dad 2.0 who made the event I’m about to break down possible. They are: Johnson & JohnsonKinect for Xbox 360HondaLGZatarain’sCLRDoveLegoPhilips NorelcoScottsMiracle GrowShot@life.orgSpareOne, and Tide.

So, about that conference… Here are the five things I learned at Dad 2.0:

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Blogging and the Grateful Dead Show Economy

I really liked that bit on carpooling, man.

This time last week, I was at the Mom 2.0 Summit in New Orleans. A while back, Jason Avant (DadCentric founder) had asked me to join him on a panel to discuss the evolution of dad blogging. Appropriately enough, the panel, itself, would evolve. Jason had to cancel. So, too, did our original mediator, Tanis Miller of Redneck Mommy fame. Nonetheless, the final lineup was formidable, indeed, consisting of BetaDad, Whit Honea (both of whom write for DadCentric in addition to other sites) and yours truly. Our mediator? The incomparable Catherine Conners (aka HerBadMother).

There was only one problem: how was I going to discuss the evolution of dad blogging when I wasn’t even sure I understood what dad blogging was to begin with?

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Good Men Project’s Dad’s Good

I'm in great company at Dad's Good.

One of my favorite groups recently launched an awesome new site within their site. Yesterday, The Good Men Project Magazine founded by Tom Matlack and publisher Lisa Hickey, introduced Dads Good: The Best of the Daddy Bloggers to their readers. And I was very flattered (if not somewhat overestimated) to be one of the few they asked to contribute.

Others include Aaron Gouveia of The Daddy Files, Craig Playstead of The Blog of Craig Playstead, Derek Markham from Natural PapaDad Centric founder Jason Avant, Jim Higley of Bobblehead Dad and Ron Mattocks of ClarKKentsLunchbox.

Trying hard to be a good dad is very cool.

I’ve been reading the bulk of these guys since I started blogging last year. And while it’s important to note that I’m tough on blogs in general and writing in specific, I genuinely believe that these guys have serious chops. So I hope you’ll come check us out by clicking here.


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