Clorox knows that Ick happens!

Sadly, this is like a week's supply for my crew.

Sadly, this is like a week’s supply for my crew.

I am being compensated by The Clorox®Company to share a new language about messes for the Clorox® Ick-tionary.

Have y’all ever heard of a sniglet, by any chance? It was a term was coined by comedian / actor Rich Hall during the 80’s on HBO’s Not Necessarily the News. So what’s a sniglet? It’s a made up word that describes a common-but-unnamed phenomenon. And even after all these years, there’s still one sniglet which has totally stuck with me.

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Camping is Dirty Work

Alli and I approaching our campsite.

Most of y’all know that our family likes to camp. In fact, we just took the first triplets on their first camping trip a few weeks ago. And it went great. But it went dirty. And Caroline’s a stickler for sanity (I am, too, for that matter) which means that we rely on plenty of sanitizing agents to keep our act as germ-free as possible. Which is exactly what Clorox asked me to write about over at there blog. To check it out, click HERE.

I was happy to take Clorox up on their invitation to write for their blog in part because we do, indeed, use a ton of their products. That said, they did compensate me for my time, but the opinions stated are all mine


A Briggs Story Best Left Untold

Note: The events described in this post actually went down last week, but I didn’t get a chance to publish it before our family camping trip, so here it is now.

Okay. This post is a total vent. So feel free to bail right now if you don’t wanna hear me bellyache. Oh. And if you have a weak stomach, you’re seriously in the wrong place. Leave. Immediately. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So I get home from work a couple of days ago, and I smell something that’s all too familiar in my household.

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Clorox Bleachable Moments: The Briggs Edition

The following post is sponsored by Clorox, which, coincidentally, may as well sponsor our stain-ridden lives as much as we’ve come to depend on them.

Have you ever noticed that after you buy something, you’re more apt to see whatever it is you’ve purchased in the course of your everyday life? Example: Last week, I bought a pair of trail-running shoes, ones I’d never seen before. But since purchasing them, I’ve noticed these exact shoes on the feet of no fewer than half a dozen folks. So I ask you, is it a mere coincidence that I’m just now seeing them? Or have these shoes been just as prevalent before my purchase, but I’m only now taking notice since I actually own a pair?

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Share Your Bleachable Moments and Win $25,000 From Clorox

The following post is sponsored by Clorox, which, coincidentally, may as well sponsor our stain-ridden lives as much as we’ve come to depend on them.

Okay, quick disclaimer here. I’m far from an expert when it comes to keeping things all neat and tidy. That’s my wife’s deal. She’s got this entire system that she effortlessly employs. Okay, that’s a lie. Her system requires preposterous amounts of effort. She only makes it look effortless. But still, it’s a system, alright. One which keeps our entire household as clean as a whistle, though, presumably not one of the nasty, saliva-encrusted plastic whistles the triplets constantly have lodged in their germ-ridden mouths.

Regardless, Caroline is a clutter-eliminating, filth-eradicating life saver. But you know what else she is?

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