What About Luke?

You know what comment I used to get all the time when Caroline was pregnant with Grand Finale? “So are you going to write another book now?” Like that was the thing to do. Write a book each time you have baby.

Don’t get me wrong. The question was perfectly logical. After all, the last time Caroline and I had children I did, indeed, write a book. But I didn’t write that book because I wanted to document my children. I mean, that was a huge bonus, no doubt. And something I’m so glad happened. But that’s not why I wrote the book.

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Dogs vs. Infants

I posted a little slideshow over at Babble yesterday that breaks down the match up between Dogs and Infants, as it’s recently occurred to me that they’re more alike than you might imagine. It’s a silly little piece that compares and contrasts the two in nine different categories, as well as opining on which has the “advantage” in any given category.

It’s funny — the triplets hardly even seemed to notice Briggs. But Luke? He’s all about my faithful hound. I suspect that’s because we’re always so full-steam-ahead dealing with our domestic chaos that Luke is often left to his own devices. And that’s a boat Briggs has found himself in a time or two, as well. All of this to say that I think that Briggs and Luke are developing a bond, and it’s been awfully fun to watch.

So, yeah, I guess that kinda how I stumbled upon this topic, which, you should know, is heavy on Luke pictures. Click HERE to read over at BabbleVoices.

The Baby Gift Bag That Had Little Ding Dongs on It


Babies get gifts. Some come in bags. Funny bags. With little ding dongs on them.

It’s a long story — one which I explain in detail via my first post over at Aiming Low. WARNING: If you like your JCO with peaches and cream, then this might not be the post for you. It’s irreverent, profane and extremely adolescent.

Consider yourself warned. If you’re still down, click HERE.

You Don’t Know Who the Baby Looks Like. You Just Don’t.

Even when I look real close, I can’t tell!

Last night I went for a run and took my iPhone along because I wanted to listen to a new playlist that I had downloaded earlier in the day. About a mile into it, the music was interrupted by notification of a tweet I had received from a random woman who was commenting on a piece I had written for TLC which discussed the advantages of being an older parent. I actually fired back with a few taps of my thumbs without even breaking stride, and once I did, I was taken aback by the entire experience. I was essentially having a conversation with a woman I had never met before about the birth of my youngest child. While running. Through the use of my phone. (And I once thought call waiting was the shit…)

Yet as much as technology has changed the way in which I’m able to converse about my newborn, human nature has insisted that some of the conversations remain the exact same as they’ve always been. And I was reminded of this earlier today when Grand Finale and I ran into an old friend who engaged me in such a conversation.

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