Dogs vs. Infants

I posted a little slideshow over at Babble yesterday that breaks down the match up between Dogs and Infants, as it’s recently occurred to me that they’re more alike than you might imagine. It’s a silly little piece that compares and contrasts the two in nine different categories, as well as opining on which has the “advantage” in any given category.

It’s funny — the triplets hardly even seemed to notice Briggs. But Luke? He’s all about my faithful hound. I suspect that’s because we’re always so full-steam-ahead dealing with our domestic chaos that Luke is often left to his own devices. And that’s a boat Briggs has found himself in a time or two, as well. All of this to say that I think that Briggs and Luke are developing a bond, and it’s been awfully fun to watch.

So, yeah, I guess that kinda how I stumbled upon this topic, which, you should know, is heavy on Luke pictures. Click HERE to read over at BabbleVoices.

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