What About Luke?

You know what comment I used to get all the time when Caroline was pregnant with Grand Finale? “So are you going to write another book now?” Like that was the thing to do. Write a book each time you have baby.

Don’t get me wrong. The question was perfectly logical. After all, the last time Caroline and I had children I did, indeed, write a book. But I didn’t write that book because I wanted to document my children. I mean, that was a huge bonus, no doubt. And something I’m so glad happened. But that’s not why I wrote the book.

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A Briggs Update Plus A Chance to Win Something

So, Briggs had his surgery and he’s totally good. With the exception that he’s confined to a crate for eight weeks and will need quite a bit of care during that time. He’s also wearing the cone of shame. And he’s not allowed off of his leash even when he’s using the bathroom. And he’s on a bunch of medicine. While it’s gone as well as it could to this point, and while I’m thankful that I’ve gotten this chance to be able to love on him so much, one thing’s for sure:

Boy are we ever the wrong family to have a dog in such a constant state of need.

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10 Things Your Baby Would Tell You if He Could Talk

Dude...please tell me this chick washed her hands...

Ever wonder what your little guy might say if he could talk? I ponder that very scenario today over at Babble. And, well, let’s just say that it’s one of the edgier things I’ve written of late. It was a stream-of-consciousness rant that took like 7 minutes to write. Which means it’s probably either really good… or really bad. I’ll let you be the judge. Either way, it should be an entertaining read. Again — edgy. So beware. Check it out by visiting JCO Multiplied over at Babble by clicking HERE.

Man vs. Wife

Okay, that might be a touch dramatic. The whole “Man vs. Wife” thing. But before I get into all that, first I wanna tell y’all about an exciting new project I’m proud to be a part of over at Babble. It’s called BabbleVoices and it features 29 well-known, well-read and well-respected writers / bloggers (including Samantha Bee of The Daily Show) and, um, me. The group contains many of my favorite bloggers, like Tanis Miller (aka RedneckMommy), Mr. Lady (Whiskey in My Sippy Cup) and Doug French (Laid Off Dad) to name but a few. Another interesting note about BabbleVoices? Knoxville is well represented, my friends, as three of the 30 hail from the friendly 865 — Jennifer Doyle and Katie Allison Granju and yours truly.

The blog they set up for me is called JCO Multiplied and you can visit my homepage by clicking HERE. And, if you’re so inclined, you can get the JCO Multiplied feed by clicking HERE.

Anyhoo, why I’m part of this collection of such talented folks is beyond me. Unless, of course, they needed someone to fill the schadenfreude category, as I suspect that most of my readers follow me simply because I make them feel better about their own lives, what with my musings of toddler-train-wrecks and whatnot. Which, when you think about it, makes me a lovable loser of sorts, albeit one who married far, far above his head.

Which, incidentally, brings me full circle to title of this post. As Caroline and I have been engaged in a bit of a debate and I wrote about it as one of my first posts on BabbleVoices. This one is heavy on JCO / Lovie dialogue, and, per usual, Caroline holds up her end of the bargain just fine, thank you very much.

I hope you’ll go over and read the post and perhaps even LEAVE A COMMENT? (I’m feeling a bit insecure amongst all the rockstars and could use a comment or two to take the edge off…) The post is called The Time My Wife Called Me an MFer. Hope you enjoy.

JCO One of BlogHer’s Voices of the Year?

I Already Have a Daughter. Who Do You Think Let Me Marry My Wife?

JCO one of BlogHer‘s Voices of the Year? Sounds a bit out there, right? At least it did to me when I first realized (thanks to a random comment) that one of my Babble posts had been nominated. After doing a little digging I learned it was more than one. Turns out that nine of my Babble posts had been nominated across three different categories. So for all you people who think I’m only good for the Ha-Ha (little pet peeve of mine…), please note that not only was I nominated in the Humor category, but also in the Life and Perspective categories too.

So there.

No word  yet on the Short and Kinda Bald category, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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Drawings Which Borderline Demean Me

Coloring pencils? Or esteem-piercing daggers? Could go either way, really.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, yet the picture of me that I’ve posted after the jump left me with just two.

Holy. Shit.

Because that’s how bad it is. I mean, seriously, it’s borderline demeaning. And what’s even worse? It was friendly fire in that my beautiful stepdaughter is the one who drew it. (I’ve blogged about it before in a post called Donuts with Dads.) But I’ve decided to turn that frown upside down by increasing the exposure of the embarrassing rendering.

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10 Tips for New Dads

Fatherhood — it's going to be great.

Babble asked me to help then with a slide show that is up today. I really think it turned out well. The pictures are cool. The copy is quirky. And within it all, there’s a nice nugget or two to share with folks who are about to have a baby for the first time. I hope you’ll take a peek at it and if you know anyone who is about to be a parent for the first time, please forward it to them!

To check it out, click HERE.

Bristol Palin, Dieting Babies and Elmo

Ah, Elmo. My old nemesis.

I promise that one day I’ll get used to the amount of writing I’m doing outside my personal blog and resume posting here as often as I once did. One day, soon, at that.

If for no other reason than because this is my favorite place to write. After all, it’s 100% me. That’s not to say I don’t like writing for other sites. I do. It’s just that at other places, I sometimes cover topics I may not have chosen to write about here.

However, much of what I write for other sites is stuff that I find interesting. What’s more, I think you might, too. So every Saturday, I’m going to (try to) put up a post here with links to my favorite non-JCO posts from the week prior. All of these curation posts, if you will, are categorized under “Babbling,” a new category you may have noticed in my toolbar.

Of the 10 posts I wrote at Babble this past week, three stand out. One of them has my favorite title, ever. Sadly, it’s about complete morons who subject their babies to diets.

Does This Onesie Make My Baby’s Butt Look Big?

Another is about an unlikely battle of wits. Bristol Palin versus Keith Olbermann. With a guest appearance made by the Situation.

Bristol Palin to Keith Olbermann: I’m Perfectly Qualified To Advocate Teen Abstinence

The third Babble post I liked? I poked fun at myself via a truly horrendous yuletide picture of my family taken last year.

Tis the Season for Awkward Family Photos: Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha, Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha

I liked my post at Man Of The House so much that I actually posted the first part of it here. It’s about my dad, who’s undoubtably enjoying his first holiday in Heaven with my sister Holliday. I’ve linked it again, in case you missed it.

Thanks, Dad: Determination, Strength and Dignity

And my efforts at the Good Men Project’s “Dad’s Good” (no so into the name “Dad’s Good”) are two oldies but goodies. One is a tender account of the night my 2 year-old comforted me for a change. If you read it, you’ll think I’m a woman.

Monster’s Scared

The other is a scathing letter to Elmo. If you read it, you’ll think I’m a jerk. Or that I hate Elmo. Possibly both.

Dear Elmo

Dad Defends Wife: Video of Encounter With Pro-Lifers Goes Viral

Women who walk into this clinic know this guy's story. But does he know theirs?

One of my friends has a video that’s gone viral — over 600,000 hits. His name is Aaron Gouveia, and the first time I ever read his blog, I knew he was the kinda guy I’d be down with. Over the past several months, we’ve built a friendship. Most recently, we’ve become teammates of sorts, as we are both part of a group of dads who will be regularly contributing to the site GoodMenProject.

Anyway, back in July, he shared a series of unspeakably difficult experience with his readers on his personal blog. It culminated with the experience he captured with his video. As I read the series of posts, I was overcome with equal amounts of sadness for my friend who was going through such tough times, as I was admiration for my friend who was navigating them the only way he knew how — without a single ounce of bullshit. And I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.

Most recently, he again shared his story on the aforementioned GoodMenProject site. It got picked up by a bunch of other prominent sites — Salon and Slate among them. And for the second time, his video blew up — only this time to an even greater extent than before.

Simply put, Aaron’s a hero. And I’m not one to throw out such a term lightly. But there’s no other word to describe him. Once you learn his backstory and see the video for yourself, you’ll think he’s a hero, too. I promise.

I blogged about it over at Babble yesterday. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check it out.

And, Aaron — you’re a good man, my friend. The world needs more like you.

Updates and Important Info

Right now, I'm in transition.

You wanna know the story of my life? Spending a ton of time revamping a site that I suddenly stop using. Well, stop using may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s definitely safe to say that I’ve not been posting very often of late. There are several reasons why, the biggest of which being that I recently accepted a writing gig with Babble, a prominent parenting website. I’ll be contributing five days a week. (Today’s offering? A 10 step list to get rid of head lice. Not that we’ve ever had them or anything. Okay, that’s bullshit. We’ve had ’em. Stop judging me.)

While the Babble thing is great news, it’s also thrown me a bit of a curveball as far as time management. What’s more, I just got invited (along with six other “dad-bloggers”) to regularly contribute to another fantastic site — again, a good development, but also another curveball. So this batter is making some adjustments at the plate. Long story short, I’m in the process of reshuffling my deck and soon, many things in my life will look much different than they do now.

But one of those things will not be my blog. I love writing here. And I plan to eventually return to business as usual at jco.com. Which means I’ll continue to regularly post random-ass stuff with super-long, borderline-run-on sentences, which, of course, if not inevitably, will contain a shit-tons of commas.

Please come back tomorrow, for I will definitely have a “real” post for you. But before I leave you today, I want to pass along something extremely important. As many of you already know, my good friend Katie Allison Granju is enduring every parent’s nightmare. She dealing with the death of her oldest son, Henry, from a combination of a drug overdose and complications stemming from an assault. Through it all, Katie has bravely chronicled her agonizing story in hopes that by doing so, she might save lives.

I believe she will.

WBIR is running a special on Henry’s story tomorrow night, Wednesday, October 27 at 7:00 Eastern. If you’re in Knoxville, please, please, please watch this. And consider having your children watch it, too. And if you’re not in Knoxville, you can still watch as WBIR will be streaming it live here. And regardless of where you are, if you cannot watch tomorrow at 7:00, it will be archived on WBIR’s website so you can watch it at a more convenient time.

Here’s is the trailer for the special.

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