10 Funny Weiner Resignation Headlines

That Weiner looks kinda crooked, no? Image: David Boyle Creative Commons

Wow. So Weiner’s done. On the one hand, I’m good with it. I mean, it’s not so much what he did (though I, personally think it’s abhorrent behavior), but it’s how steadfastly he denied it. Simply put, I could never, ever tell such a significant lie not to mention tell such a lie to an entire country. I seriously don’t understand how anyone could do this, much less someone who has been voted into public office (presumably) by earning the confidence of countless constituents.

Yet, on the other hand, I’m quite sad. Because I so enjoyed making up Weiner headlines. Given the spike in traffic I received, I gather that you enjoyed it, too. So in honor of Weiner’s resignation, I’ve penned 10 last headlines about his resignation that I’d LOVE to see in print. Consider it my way of saying goodbye to a dick.

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