Annoying Toys and the Parents Who Loathe Them

So, I’ve been on a bit of a deep thread over here at my personal blog, one which I intend to deviate from with my next post which should be up tomorrow. (Wait til you hear what the triplets did yesterday…) But fear not, dear friends. For I still possess a sense of humor. And today it’s on display over at AimingLow. And I gotta say, I’m kinda partial to this post as I think it’s quite funny. Remember the post I wrote for TLC called 10 Astonishingly Annoying Toys? (It wound up on the homepage of YahooShine!) It was inspired by one toy in particular. And that toy is featured in the AimingLow post that just went up today. But what’s also featured is another dialogue with my exceedingly clever and lovely wife. One in which she, per usual, gives me all I can handle. See what happens when we disagree on whether or not a toy will prove to be annoying by clicking HERE. And, again, swing back by tomorrow if you wanna see me try to be funny on my personal blog for a change.

10 Astonishingly Annoying Toys

Love the girl. Hate the toy.

Love the kid, but hate the toy? Boy oh boy, do I ever know how you feel. But having five kids? I’ve built a pretty reasonable tolerance to annoying toys. That said, I ran across one the other day that brought me to my knees and had me contemplating leaving my family. Instead, I vented via a Facebook post and took solace knowing that I wasn’t alone. After all, misery loves company. And thanks to that company, I came up with a list of dreadful toys that I wrote about over at TLC today. I think it’s pretty funny. In a macabre kinda way, that is. So I hope you’ll check it out by clicking HERE.

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