Dad Defends Wife: Video of Encounter With Pro-Lifers Goes Viral

Women who walk into this clinic know this guy's story. But does he know theirs?

One of my friends has a video that’s gone viral — over 600,000 hits. His name is Aaron Gouveia, and the first time I ever read his blog, I knew he was the kinda guy I’d be down with. Over the past several months, we’ve built a friendship. Most recently, we’ve become teammates of sorts, as we are both part of a group of dads who will be regularly contributing to the siteĀ GoodMenProject.

Anyway, back in July, he shared a series of unspeakably difficult experience with his readers on his personal blog. It culminated with the experience he captured with his video. As I read the series of posts, I was overcome with equal amounts of sadness for my friend who was going through such tough times, as I was admiration for my friend who was navigating them the only way he knew how — without a single ounce of bullshit. And I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.

Most recently, he again shared his story on the aforementioned GoodMenProject site. It got picked up by a bunch of other prominent sites — Salon and Slate among them. And for the second time, his video blew up — only this time to an even greater extent than before.

Simply put, Aaron’s a hero. And I’m not one to throw out such a term lightly. But there’s no other word to describe him. Once you learn his backstory and see the video for yourself, you’ll think he’s a hero, too. I promise.

I blogged about it over at Babble yesterday. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check it out.

And, Aaron — you’re a good man, my friend. The world needs more like you.

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