Netting Shrimp To Use As Bait To Catch Redfish At The Beach

This post is about netting shrimp to use as bait to catch redfish at the beach. Shocker, right? Anyway, it’s a very cool process that my friend introduced us to. Yes. Same guy. My partner in dipshittery crime in the Great Balcony Lockout Debacle of 2012. Goodtimes.

Anyway when not lending a helping hand in shattering kitchen windows of beach-side condos, my buddy isn’t afraid to go to the tip of the island — right near the place his family stays — and catch redfish.

And this year, Alli, the triplets and I tagged along. It was awesome, y’all. Here’s how it went down from the throw of the net to the catching of the fish:

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2 Dudes on 1 Balcony With No Clue

Okay. I’m feeling surly today, which means this post may have a bit of profanity, so don’t say I didn’t warn you fuckers.

Why so surly, you might ask? Well, for starters, it’s only my second day back from the longest family vacation I’ve ever taken (10 days), so I’m totally behind and still a bit tired to boot. Plus, I’m about to relay an embarrassing story that happened on said vacation which will reveal me to be the incompetent fool that I really am. And this has me most upset.

Still, let’s get started, shall we?

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Women, Motherhood, Body Images and Other Things I Have No Right To Discuss

I’d been playing around with a concept that pertains to women, motherhood and body images (I know — risky territory) and I think I may have finally gotten it right in a recent post I wrote about Caroline over at Disney Baby. At first, I wasn’t going to link to it from my personal blog because, again, it’s a concept that I’ve touched on before. But I just saw a little while ago that the post had gotten a decent number of FB likes on the BabyDisney site, so I figured that meant it struck some type of chord which is why I decided to link it after all. If you’ve ever lamented the toll that pregnancy / motherhood has taken upon your body, I hope this post “speaks to you,” though I also hope that you don’t use verbiage like “wow, that post really spoke to me” a bunch, because, you know, you’d sound kinda hoaky and all.

Anyway, to read the post, click HERE.

DUI Charges Against Rick Springfield Prove Hard to Hold

Are you up for a few Rick Springfield puns and a quick Randy Travis shout-out? Seriously, just play along with the charade by heading over to MamaPop and check out my latest effort by clicking HERE.

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How the DVR Ruined My Vacation in Specific and Parenting in General

Ah, the DVR. Goodtimes, right? It’s like a babysitter, only with clearer skin and no Justin Bieber fixation.

Well, it’s not really a babysitter, ’cause, you know, it’s not like Caroline and I park the kids in front of the TV, dial up a little Wow Wow Wubbzy, then scamper off to a romantic dinner or anything. But that still doesn’t mean the DVR hasn’t ever watched our kids. Because it has.

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10 Things We’ve Fished Outta Luke’s Mouth. This Week.

It’s like Jonah and the belly of a whale. Only it’s random stuff and the mouth of a baby. Well, it’s almost like that. I mean, unlike Jonah, this stuff wasn’t inside Luke’s mouth for three days. More like three seconds. Okay fine. Three minutes. Tops. But seriously, it’s not like it’s our fault.

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Give Luke a Haircut? We’ll, um, Mullet Over

My wife and I have picked up on a trend in our household, and it pertains to our baby, Luke. More specifically his hair. It keeps growing. And we keep letting it grow despite the fact it’s clearly time to cut it. And I’m not quite sure why.

(But I give it a few guesses over DisneyBaby. To continue reading, click HERE)

The Boys of Summer

When I first learned that Caroline was pregnant with triplets, I remember distinctly hoping that one of them was a girl. Not that I was rooting against boys. I wasn’t. It’s just that I always loved the whole “Daddy’s little girl,” concept, not to mention the fact that I didn’t get the honor of being Alli’s stepdad till she was six, which meant that I had missed out those pivotal years when a dad first becomes smitten with his little girl.

And I wanted to know what it felt like when a mini-Caroline took my breath away. What it felt like to see such pureness, such beauty. And Kirby has delivered all that and more. But as much as I’ve cherished the experience, I can’t say it was unexpected. It wasn’t.

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Instant Classic: Triplets Learn to Ride a Bike [30 second Video]

So two things. First, I caught a magic moment on video and have uploaded it to YouTube and embedded it below. And though the picture above would suggest that it’s a video of Kirby, it’s actually a video of my fearless little Sammy. And it’s only 30 seconds, so wear it out.

But second, it’s a snippet from a longer video (3 minutes) I made for Sony over at Babble. It’s about how a feature of their Handycam actually helped me teach my trio how to ride their bikes.

I’ve long used the Sony Handycam for all my home movies and their newest model is top flight. If you’d like to win one, go over to my Babble piece and watch the video (or don’t, but you should) then leave a comment detailing your favorite video and you’ll be entered to win. Sound good? Then click HERE.

But not before you watch this. You’ll be so happy you did — it’s an instant classic:

World Harbors Marinades Make Me Look Good (Again)

Two quick things: First, this post is sponsored by World Harbors which makes a lineup of marinades ideal for grilling. And second, thanks to World Harbors, I’ve added a coupla new grilling dishes to the repertoire that are so easy and delicious. If you or your significant other love grilling, you should check this post out. 

I’ve already bragged on World Harbors before. I mean, they helped me make the best chicken wings I’ve ever made, so I was happy to do it. (Psst: World Harbors — you need to make the Australian Bar-B marinade available in Knoxville! Seriously!) And today I’m gonna brag on them again because I’ve been consistently using their marinades for the past several weeks, and have been thrilled with the results.

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