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I’ve been so lame about posting over here lately, but I’ll get it back together here, soon. For now, though, here are three links to pieces that you might wanna check out. Click on a headline if you’re so inclined:

High School Reunions: Tricky Little Numbers, No?
Summer Turns to Fall and I’m in a Funk
When Bad Clothes Happen to Good Babies

10 Things I Wish My 10 Year Old Knew

I wrote something on my BabbleVoices blog yesterday that I kinda liked called 10 Things I Wish My 10 Year Old knew. The genesis of it all is this: One of the coolest things about being a parent is all the stuff you remember about yourself by simply raising your children. And here’s the greatest part — the child in question doesn’t even have to be your biological child to remind you of yourself. Alli is constantly reminding me of what I used to be like. And while those reminders often make me smile, they can also make me smack my forehead in frustration.

Because she’s ten. And, just like me at age 10, she knows quite a lot. Especially compared to what she knew just a year or two ago. But (and, again, just like me at age 10) she doesn’t know everything. And there are some things that I really wish she did know, mainly because they were things that I ultimately had to learn the hard way. So, in that regard, this post is probably as much about me and what I failed to understand as it is about Alli in specific or 10-year-olds in general.

I only share all of this with you because  I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m speaking critically of my oldest. I’m not. And, what’s more, I never would in a forum such as this. Ever. Instead, it’s with great admiration and, of course, with great love that I wrote this one. Because Alli is an incredible little girl and I’m so lucky to get to be her stepdad. Luckier still that she’s able to show me what I once was.

SO, if you’d like to check it out, please click HERE.

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What About Luke?

You know what comment I used to get all the time when Caroline was pregnant with Grand Finale? “So are you going to write another book now?” Like that was the thing to do. Write a book each time you have baby.

Don’t get me wrong. The question was perfectly logical. After all, the last time Caroline and I had children I did, indeed, write a book. But I didn’t write that book because I wanted to document my children. I mean, that was a huge bonus, no doubt. And something I’m so glad happened. But that’s not why I wrote the book.

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Caroline + JCO = goodtimes.com

At least sort of. Many of you may have already seen this over at my Babble Voices blog, but just in case you didn’t, I think you’ll find the following video reasonably amusing — especially if you’re married and you’re into playful banter, and, perhaps even, gender-based stereotypes. Happy Thursday to all.

It’s Official: Having Kids Has Lowered My Testosterone Level.

Me and Jack, right when I began to lose all my manliness.

I’ve never been more tired than I’ve been over the past couple of years. Kids, right? I mean, even before Grand Finale, we still had four kids. And I always figured I was tired because I was chasing all of them around.

So, in January, I decided to do something about it by working out more. The good news is that I’ve kept it up throughout the entire year. The bad news? Unlike other times when I’ve upped the exercise, this time I’ve not noticed any increase in my energy level, or for that matter, any changes to my physique. And I’ve often wondered why.

A new study I read about late last night might have given me the answer, though I’m not so sure it’s the one I wanted to hear.

[Read more over at BabbleVoices]


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They Wanted To Show Me Their “Bunsen Burner” But I Politely Declined

The guys at DadLabs are funny folks, except they kept asking me if I wanted to see their “Bunsen Bruners,” and, frankly, I’m not into that kinda stuff. Especially with a camera rolling and all. [Read more…]

Radio Silence

For those of you here in Ktown who tuned in to Star 102.1 at 8:30 this morning to hear me speak too quickly in super-long, run-on sentences on the Marc, Kim, and Frank show, all you actually heard was…


As I turned onto their street, their broadcast (which I had been listening to on my way in) went dead.

Hmmm. That’s odd, I thought. Maybe there’s no signal when you get too close?

As I walked into the room adjacent to the studio, I was surprised to see Kim pop her head above a cubical wall, flashing me an infectious smile.

“Hey, there. We’re not on the air.”

“Well, I’d assume not,” I said. “I wouldn’t think you’d broadcast my arrival.”

“No. I mean we’re actually off the air! None of our listeners can hear us right now.”

So much for the too-close-to-get a signal theory.

Guess what happened?

A. One of those annoying emergency-broadcast-system tests went horribly awry.
B. I was so convinced that I’d make a fool of myself, I deployed Macgyver-type skills to intentionally sabotage the broadcast to salvage my (not-so-good) reputation.
C. Their transmitter went down.

Give up?

It was C. Their transmitter went down.

Kim felt horrible given that part of the reason she wanted to have me on this very day was to pimp my book signing, which is tonight. She couldn’t have been any sweeter or more fun to talk to (we chatted for about ten minutes)–and I knew that’d be the case. She stops by my blog from time to time, and I tune into her during my commute. We also go back and forth on twitter a bit, so we’ve developed a pretty good rapport. She’s just as great in person as she is on the radio or on the internet. Big fan.

Anyway, the bad news is that I wasn’t able to spread the word about my 6:00 pm book signing tonight at Carpe Librum. (Please come by!) The good news is that they’re gonna have me back in the next coupla weeks or so.

Geez. The transmitter goes down during one of the most-listened-to, morning radio shows in town mere moments before I’m about to go on. What are the odds?

Probably about the same as having triplets!

Note to Self

Dear Self,

Next time you get invited on TV to talk about your book, think twice about bringing your brood. Because you never know when your boys will break free and stroll onto the set. (Thank goodness it was during a commercial.)

What did you think they’d do? Just sit there quietly while watching hosts Russell Bivens and Beth Haynes do their thing? Well, yeah, as a matter of fact, I did. And, at least for part of the time, they did just that.

But even when they were being good boys and girls, they were a mere spontaneous meltdown away from making the wrong kind of news in chairs which were scant feet away from all the action. Lucky Lovie was there to keep everything under control.

Surely they’d be good for my interview. Right?

Um, wrong. The interview, appropriately enough, was littered with kiddie interruptions.

And honestly? I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Wanna watch it? Click this link.

Tales from the Trips is available at Carpe Librum Booksellers, Borders Books, on amazon or direct from the publisher. 30% of all proceeds go to Childhelp, a leading non-proffit organization which benefits victims of child abuse and neglect.

Father's Day

Have y’all missed me? I’ve not posted anything new in almost two weeks — the longest I’ve gone since I started blogging regularly in November.

The reason? It’s been a little crazy around here, and I’ve been out of town some, and work has been real stressful, and Lovie was gone on a tennis tournament, and bla, bla, bla, bla, bla… I’m still in the middle of it all, so, regretfully, I don’t have any huge post for you just yet.

I do, however, have a little, good-ol fashioned self promoting to drop on you. For those of you who are still reading, I’m excited to let you know that I’ll be on Live at Five at Four today. All you Knoxville peeps be sure to check it out. Also, be on the lookout for a piece on me, my brood, and the book in Wednesday’s Knoxville News Sentinel. Then, on Friday, I’ll be on Star 102.1 with Marc, Kim, and Frank from 8:30 to 9:00. (Do you think they’ll play Lady GaGa for me?) All of this leading up to a book signing at Carpe Librum Booksellers on Friday evening at 6:00.

So if you live in Knoxville and you’ve not picked up a copy yet, come on by Carpe Librum on and kick off your Father’s Day weekend with us. What better gift for any new dad or a soon-to-be dad than a book about a guy who went from full-blown bachelorhood to father of four in a mere thirteen months? Or, you can always get in on amazon, or direct from me if you can’t make the book signing.

For more information about Tales from the Trips, please visit the book’s website!

Weasel Momma Book Club

Big shout out to Fatherhood Friday peeps. (Are blogging peeps “bleeps?”) My real Fatherhood Friday Post is yesterday’s post, Photo Haikus. Please check out the community of great folks blogging from a fatherly perspective by visiting dad-blogs.

* * *

Weasel Momma, author of the popular blog World of Weasels, recently asked if I’d like for Tales from the Trips to be the inaugural book discussed during the first ever gathering of her (soon-to-be) illustrious book club. Who was I to say no? If you’d like to see for yourself just how awkward I am in real life, click here to check out the fifteen minute skype conversation the two of us had.

After watching it, I’ve decided that there should be a drinking game played to it. Take a sip everytime I touch my nose (what in the world??). Just make sure you won’t be driving any time soon!

Remember, my book can be purchased on amazon, Double Up Books, or direct from the publisher. Have a great weekend!

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