Backpacking with kids: 13 steps to follow

backpacking with kidsI just got done working on the coolest campaign with a group called Great site. Great message. It’s all about spending time outside, particularly with your children. So I put together a post on 13 steps you should follow if you’re wanting to take your kids on a backpacking trip.

I hope you’ll check it out by heading over to Babble to read it by clicking HERE.

Alli’s first backpacking trip


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Alli’s been bugging me forever to take her backpacking. Here’s the deal, though — I wasn’t sure she’d like it.

Don’t get me wrong. I know why she thought she’d like it. Because she like Cadillac camping. But Cadillac camping is a piece of cake. Backpacking is a grind. So, I gotta admit, I wasn’t 100% sure how she’d do.

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Family Camping Trips

Family Camping Trips

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Marriage. Lotta hard work, no? To have a successful one, much compromise is needed. At least that’s what Caroline and I have found. And the most amazing middle ground we’ve ever reached just might be the one we sleep on each and every summer.

You see, I’m an avid camper. I go at least four times a year. One of those excursions is my annual section hike of the Appalachian Trail. When we first met, Caroline thought such trips sounded miserable. Or so I gathered from her now-famous quote:


“My idea of camping out is ordering room service from the Ritz.”

Yes. Well.

Secretly, I vowed to change that because I wanted my crew to be the type that went on plenty of family camping trips. And I had a plan. The vehicle of change? Alli.

Find out how I converted Caroline and find out how easy it is to take your entire family camping by clicking HERE.

Clorox knows that Ick happens!

Sadly, this is like a week's supply for my crew.

Sadly, this is like a week’s supply for my crew.

I am being compensated by The Clorox®Company to share a new language about messes for the Clorox® Ick-tionary.

Have y’all ever heard of a sniglet, by any chance? It was a term was coined by comedian / actor Rich Hall during the 80’s on HBO’s Not Necessarily the News. So what’s a sniglet? It’s a made up word that describes a common-but-unnamed phenomenon. And even after all these years, there’s still one sniglet which has totally stuck with me.

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Family beach vacations — Disney Story style

Disney Story

This post is sponsored by Disney Story. To find out more about this brand-new story-creation app – and how it puts the power of storytelling in your hands – click here.

So here’s the deal. I used to be fantastic at documenting the various activities of my family. And, what’s more, I was good about doing it with both still and moving pictures. But something’s happened over the past couple of years. Namely, my enthusiasm for documentation has waned. Don’t get me wrong. I’m wired creatively, and part of that creative wiring is attached to my family. Which means I’ll always be pretty good at documenting our wonderful life.  [Read more…]

Ocean Fishing for Reds

Ocean fishing

I’m working on the coolest campaign right now over at Babble with It’s all about encouraging parents to become more active with their kids — something which my crew and I are all about.

Anyway, my first piece for them is about an activity that I genuinely believe was one of the coolest outdoor things I’ve ever done with my kids. Yes. We went fishing. But it was way more than just going fishing (which, in and of itself is obviously an incredibly cool thing).

Head over to Babble to see what I mean and to also see step-by-step instructions of how we got ‘er done by clicking HERE.

Yes. I used the phrase “got ‘er done.”

The Gadget that Changed our Lives.

Okay, maybe a bit dramatic. But I’ll tell you this much. We did just stumble upon a gadget that’s changed our nights. That’s for sure. And what’s funny is that at first, I wanted no part of it. And who could blame me?

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Adam Yauch, a Primitive Campsite and the Playlist I Share With My Daughter

There’s this place I like to take my family. A place my buddies and I always go. It’s south of town, over a hill and through forest, smack dab on the shore of one of the most beautiful finger lakes you’ve ever seen. When I take them, my step-daughter and I are always the vanguard sent before the rest of the crew. The ones who procure our site.

The place means a lot to me. Not just the campsite, but the entire lake. I’ve hiked its surrounding mountains, swung on its rope swings and floated its every last cove, some of them by canoe and with the permission of a low-hanging moon.

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The go-to gadget of the Osborne family

So at the beginning of the last school year, my oldest was required to get an iPad to negotiate her class curriculum. We were required to pay for it. She was 10. This, obviously, is a post in and of itself. And, in fact, I’ve written one about it for TLC a while back.

In it, I ultimately concluded that since it’s a private school, they can do what they want. If we didn’t like it, we didn’t have to continue to send her there. But we love the school, and there’s quite a case to be made for what a wonderful teaching instrument the iPad is, so all in all, it (obviously) wasn’t a hill for us to die on. Even so, I had reservations. I felt she was too young.

I’m not sure I’ve come off that stance entirely. In my opinion, ten is awfully young to have an iPad. But I will say this. I sure have been pleased with how the school is having her use it. My oldest truly does the majority of her classwork on it and it’s a very high-tech, clean, interactive and efficient way to learn. All in all, I have rave reviews.

Well, except for one thing. See, now that Alli has an iPad guess who else wants one? The triplets. So guess what Caroline got them for Christmas last year?

NO. Are you kidding me? Buying three iPads for three (then) four-year-olds? Gimme a break.

Nope. Instead she picked up…[Read more at Babble by clicking HERE]

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Survival Guide to Meltdown Free Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping with a bunch of little kids in tow is simply not fun. It’s certainly one of the things about the holiday season that I’m not looking forward to. Which is why I wrote a post for Citi bank over at Babble the other day the detailed my tips of meltdown free shopping.

Which is kind of funny. Because on the one hand, I’m certainly no expert when it comes to shopping. But when it comes to meltdowns? I an aficionado. If you’d like to read this post, which was sponsored by Citi, I hope you’ll head over to Babble by clicking THIS LINK.

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