Kirstie Alley: Marital Guru or Relentless Book Hawker?

So, hey, confession alert: I’m not the biggest fan of Kirstie Alley. Never have been. I’ve always pegged her as one of those people who would say or do anything to stay relevant. The phrase attention whore comes to mind.

Anyway, she’s got this horrible new book out and in promoting it, she’s somehow managed to slink to a new low — even for her. She’s now admitted to having emotional affairs during her marriage with men like John Travolta and Patrick Swayze, causing many to debate whether an emotional affair is as bad as a physical one.

But I’m not interested in any such debate. Because I can’t get past the part where she’s demeaned a dead man’s marriage. To read, head on over to Babble by clicking HERE.


“Britney Spears” Civil Trial Totally Not Civil

Like, at all. People are saying all kinds of mean things about each other.

The civil suit was filed against Britney Spears‘s handlers, as well as her parents, Jamie and Lynne Spears, by a former confidant of the Grammy winner — a clown namedSam Lufti. Remember him? I didn’t either, until I saw the pictures. Apparently unhappy with his 15 minutes of infamy, Lufti has lawyered up.

Read more at the popculture site, MamaPop by CLICKING HERE.

Anderson Cooper Breaks Off Some Choice Words for Star Jones

Anderson Cooper has made a living out of telling people things they did not know. But on Thursday, the popular CNN and daytime host decided to mix it up a bit by telling folks something they know all too well:

Star Jones is an idiot.

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DUI Charges Against Rick Springfield Prove Hard to Hold

Are you up for a few Rick Springfield puns and a quick Randy Travis shout-out? Seriously, just play along with the charade by heading over to MamaPop and check out my latest effort by clicking HERE.

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Twi-hards Can’t Believe Kristen Stewart Cheated on Robert Pattinson, But I Totally Can

But they look so happy.

I’ve been writing for a pop culture site called MamaPop and it’s been fun. It’s kinda forced me to pay more attention to pop culture — amazing how out of touch a bunch of littles can make you. And, you know, it’s important to be up to speed on vampire infidelity.

Anyway, it seems like a bunch of people are having a hard time believing this little scandal that Kristen Stewart has found herself in. Me? I find it UTTERLY believable. If you’d like to know why, click HERE.


Jay Z: The Daddy Rapping Shark Jumper

So, wow. I thought that Beyonce’s pregnancy got a lot of press, but it certainly pales in comparison to the press that the birth of Blue Ivy Carter has received. Lots to talk about, apparently. Like did Beyonce fake her pregnancy and farm out the dirty work to a surrogate? Or did Beyonce carry the child herself?

And what about the security measures taken by the couple? Some parents are claiming that such measures prohibited them from visiting their own children in the NICU. If true, that’s clearly disconcerting.

But of all the disconcerting elements which have surrounded the arrival of Blue Ivy Carter, none are more troubling to me than the song Jay-Z wrote in celebration of her birth.

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What’s Next for Michelle Duggar’s Uterus?

By now I’m sure that y’all have heard that the Duggars are expecting child number 20. But have you heard that Michelle Duggar’s uterus isn’t exactly sold on the idea? This, according to the recent letter which announced that Michelle Duggar’s uterus is resigning at the conclusion of this pregnancy.

Pretty surprising, no? I mean, after 18 pregnancies (two were with twins) and over 160 months of gestation, one might assume that the Duggar uterus would continue the way of the Energizer Bunny and keep going and going and going… After all, in its resignation letter, the uterus (correctly) categorized itself as “the hardest working uterus in show business… the James Brown of uteri.”

Given such, many have openly wondered if the Duggar uterus could actually be content to sit idly by after having faithfully punched the baby-factory clock for a total of 13-1/2 cumulative years.

[read more to learn the top 5 second careers the Duggar uterus is contemplating over at BabbleVoice]

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Dreaming Your Life Away

My mom grabbed a spadeful of dirt with an unsteady hand as she stood at the very edge and gazed down below. She looked every one of her 81 years, maybe even a few more, as she made several unsuccessful passes, unable, it seemed, to empty the spade of its contents. Or unwilling, perhaps.

Whichever, fall, the dirt eventually would. All at once, in fact, landing on the coffin with a clumpy thud, an eerie sound which visibly disturbed my mom. And me, too, for that matter. I think it was the finality of it all.

Mom’s oversized sunglasses looked out of place on such a frail woman. Though they did provide an effective shield from the anguish that was most certainly beaming from her weary eyes. It wasn’t fair. That much we all knew.

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Nipple Stimulation, Castor Oil and a Half Rack of Ribs

Caroline has officially entered the Wives’ Tale portion of her pregnancy.

Hi everyone. My name is John Cave Osborne and I’m married to the lovely and charming Caroline. And I’d like to welcome you to the Wives’ Tale portion of her much ballyhooed pregnancy. Though she would probably refer to it as the Something’s Gotta Give portion. Because, well, something’s gotta give with this kid.

I mean for days now we’ve been living under “any minute” status. Yet for days now? Nothing. Zip. Nada.  And it’s starting to feel as if we’re Waiting for Godot over here. Caroline? She’s had about enough of it. As such, she’s been consulting various wives’ tales in hopes of enticing the little fella out of her womb, dropping said wives’ tales (out of nowhere) in casual conversation as if they were as ordinary as items on our grocery list.

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If Pop Songs Were Written For Toddlers: The Potty Training Edition

Image: ceedub13 via Creative Commons 2.0

Yeah. Okay. So we’re sorta rockin’ potty jokes today. Better than Weiner jokes, I suppose. Hope TLC doesn’t mind! Oh well. Too late now, I guess, because I went ahead and posted it on their website, Parentables. The post is basically a story about how I used to sing to the triplets during their potty training years. If you think you’ve read it before, you may have read something similar, but this one’s got potty-altered songs I’ve yet to mention (though there is one cross-over).

As you can tell from the photo above, one of them is a Snoop Dogg song. Drop It In The Pot, of course. The others?

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