I’m on TV Tonight

Ktown peeps — please tune in to the WVLT 6 o’clock news tonight. At, um, 6 o’clock.

Why? Because my brood and I will be featured during one of the segments. You see, the one and only Michele Silva was kind enough to stop by mi casa earlier today. But not only that. She was also brave enough to stay! For like an entire, or something. I’m happy to report that she survived the encounter without sustaining even so much as a scratch.

Her cameraman, however, is rumored to have suffered a broken pinkie toe during a bizarre hit-and-run encounter with Monster, who accidentally ran over Silva’s sidekick while hauling ass on his scooter through our (furniture-less) living room. (Okay, that last bit was bogus, but it easily could have happened. Right, Nate?)

But seriously — watch it if you can. Michele said the segment turned out really well. We talked about all kinds of things including my book and “the video” the “Greatest Dad in the World” contest.

I want to repeat one thing loud and clear. I don’t even think I’m the greatest dad on my street, much less the greatest dad in the world, but I do hope I win. Because if I do, I’m donating the entire $2,000 first prize to ChildHelp.org, a leading national non-profit which benefits the victims of child abuse and neglect.

By clicking on the icon below, then clicking on “vote,” you’ll help me make that donation a reality. And, remember, you can one time EVERY SINGLE DAY! Currently, I’m in second place — but don’t give up on me! I have a feeling I’m gonna pull it out.

They Wanted To Show Me Their “Bunsen Burner” But I Politely Declined

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Tales from the Trips

As you head into the weekend, I hope you’ll take a couple of minutes to visit Susan Heim’s website. Susan is a highly-regarded parenting author (she has four kids, including twins!) in addition to being the editor of Chicken Soup for the Soul. She’s also very kind. So kind, in fact, that a while back, this incredibly busy woman agreed to read my book. To see what she had to say about it, click here.

Also, I hope you’ll visit my book’s website. There you’ll find book quotes, excerpts, videos, etc…

Tales from the Trips can be purchased on amazon.com and Double Up Books. You can also buy it direct from the publisher. (Copies purchased direct or from Double Up Books are signed!) For those of you in Knoxville, it will be in local bookstores soon.

Regardless of where you are, look to hear more and more about the book in the next couple of months, particularly as we inch closer to Father’s Day. (Don’t worry, I’ll try not to wear you out too bad…)

One last thing…I began blogging in November, in part to promote the book. Since then, I’ve been blown away by the number of great people who regularly stop by to read. Some of you are friends or acquaintances from around town. Others of you are people I’ve never once met. Some of you aren’t your typical blog readers. Others of you are blogging experts whose words I frequently devour, whose opinions I often seek.

Regardless of which category you fall into, please know how much I appreciate you stopping by. Before I began blogging, I’m not sure I understood the sense of community that comes along with it. It never occurred to me that by selfishly pursuing my passion for writing, I’d actually become a part of something. Something that’s incredibly big. Something that’s incredibly special. Something that’s defined as virtual, but experienced as real.

Yet that’s exactly what’s happened. Basically because of everyone who visits me, as well as everyone whom I visit. And I appreciate it. Very much. And I guess I just wanted you to know.

OH. And I also wanted y’all to buy my damn book, so what are you waiting for? Chop-chop, Pooh Bears. You’ll love it.

And if you don’t, I’ll refund your money.

Okay, that last part’s bullshit. But you should buy it anyway!

Have a great weekend.

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