Nature’s Own Thrill of the Grill Challenge: We Have a Winner

True story: this picture was taken while C and I and the kids were on vacation and I took it to prove one simple point — Caroline and I are down with Nature’s Own. Even when we’re away. We buy their bread products all the time at Butler and Bailey in Rocky Hill. Really like their multi-grain sandwich rounds and use them for (get this) sandwiches, but also as buns for burgers.

But now there’s another reason why I love Nature’s Own. They invited me to be a part of a very cool contest — the Nature’s Own Thrill of the Grill Challenge where six (I think it was six) bloggers squared off to see who would be named Nature’s Own Grill Master. The winner was to receive a large Big Green Egg® + starter kit.

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Defending Something That Needs No Defense

So I wrote this piece for DisneyBaby a while ago and I was really proud of it. It was about how hindsight had taught me that Luke’s arrival was exactly what the triplets needed because it forced the world — Caroline and me, included — to stop seeing them as babies.

But it was something I had to travel full circle to comprehend, as one of the things that tripped me up most about our surprise pregnancy was that I’d always assumed that the triplets would be our youngest, our most innocent, the fairest of our crew. The three little cherries atop the sundae that was our remarkable story.

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Nature’s Own Thrill of the Gill Challenge: And the Winner Is…

Okay, y’all, sorry for not getting this to you sooner, but I’ve gotten a few emails / FB messages asking me what was up with the Nature’s Own Thrill of the Grill Challenge and the answer is…

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Luke’s First Swim

So, we’re totally up and running over at DisneyBaby, so come take a peek. It’s like 40 chicks and me and I’m really hoping I can fit in there by just being…myself. Hang in there with me while I try to find my voice. Over at Babble Voices and here (the primary places I write) I can sorta just go wherever my mind takes me, so this might be a bit of an adjustment.

That said, this is just a short and sweet number about the joys of swimming. Luke loves the pool and we love the pool even better when he’s in it. To check it out, please click HERE. And, for what it’s worth, the picture above is a bonus pic — not part of the post over at Disney. It’s not the greatest pic of the trips, but I love how Luke’s mouth is open. It just cracks me up.

Single Dad Laughing’s Mountaintop Rescue From the Perspective of a Hiker

There’s this guy who’s a very prominent blogger and has tons of followers and most of the blogging community, it seems, isn’t that fond of him. The truth of the matter is that he’s not my favorite person in the world, but I’ve also never felt real strong about him one way or the other. Especially compared to the passionate ire he seems to draw out of other bloggers.

Anyway, he recently went on a day hike and passed out and had to be rescued by a helicopter and issued a self-penned press release about it that romanticized (what I would consider to be) remarkable ineptitude. I decided to throw in my two cents over at Babble, so if you care to read, click HERE.

Nature’s Own Thrill of the Grill Challenge: How to Grill the Perfect Steak or Win a Big Green Egg® for Free. Possibly Both.

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? See that picture of my Big Green Egg® up there? Wanna win one? (Well, actually, you’d be winning one nicer. Mine’s a medium and you could win a large which retails for around $800 …UPDATE — A friend of mine just told me that I actually have a large Big Green Egg®, which shows you how dumb I am. So, anyway, you can win one just like mine! — END UPDATE) Well, I want you to win one, too. And what’s more, you could do just that by leaving a comment on this post with your favorite grilling tip.

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What a Difference a Babe Makes

That’s right. What a difference a babe makes. Or four. You see, Luke, pictured below, is our fifth little bundle of joy and, as such, my wife and I have noticed a huge difference in how we’re raising him versus how his siblings were raised.

Before I even go on, I want to make one thing clear: I’m not being critical of first-time parents. Raising a baby is a big deal, y’all, which is exactly why first-time parents (typically, at least) are a bit more uptight than parents who have been around the block a time or two. (It’s also why, I believe, that there’s something to the whole birth-order personality traits, but that’s another post, entirely.)

So while my wife would throw a parade whenever our oldest sprouted a new tooth, I’m not sure she could even tell you how many teeth Luke has. I know I couldn’t.

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The Octomom Finds Love or a Reasonable Derivative Thereof

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it here yet or not, but I’ve got a new writing home: MamaPop. Many reasons why I love writing there: one is that they have a very talented stable of writers and it’s always wonderful to write amongst (among?) such folks. And another is that it’s a celebrity-focused site and it’s always fun to write about the vapid stars that litter our pop culture sky. If you’d like to read my post on the Ocotmom’s new romance, please click HERE. (Warning, possible adult themes…)


A Baby and His Mama

When Caroline and I were dating, one of the things that attracted me most to her was the way she communicated with Alli (then 4 – or was she 3?), and I remember being a bit surprised by that. That I was attracted to her Mom-ness, if you will. But there was no denying it. Something about the way she spoke to her toddler was very appealing to me. And not in a creepy way, mind you. In a wholesome way. In an “I’d be so lucky to have a wife who was that good of a mother to my kids” kinda way.

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The Gift of Baths

I’m the bath guy, y’all. Have been for a good portion of my parenting life. That’s not to say that Caroline doesn’t administer baths. She certainly does. More than I have, if I had to guess (though I bet it’s close). Regardless, there have been little spurts here and there where I’ve been the guy in charge of all things squeaky and clean. And we’re currently in the middle of one such spurt. Which means I’m master of the washcloth, thank you very much.

I used to love giving the triplets a bath when they were Luke’s age for two primary reasons. First, I would usually bathe them individually, which meant I got to spend precious solo time with each. And second, because these baths went down during the witching hour, time was of the essence. Dilly dally too long and you’ve got yourself a meltdown fueled by overtired triplets. And that meant that I had to be quick and efficient with each bath which was a challenge. And I love challenges.

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