Christmas Music After Christmas: Okay Through New Year’s Day?

What about Frosty the Snowman? Is that one okay?

So one of my boys comes up to me yesterday as I’m taking down the tree, (That’s right…it’s already down. We tend to get on stuff like that.) and he’s got this big frown on his face. “It’s sad when Christmas is over,” he announced in a defeated little voice. No argument there. I get a melancholy feeling every single year on December 26. In fact, I was in the throws of it the very moment Jack made his poignant observation.

There are countless thoughts and actions that go behind Christmas. So much energy lovingly poured into it. Then BOOM. It’s over. Just like that. Gone. That’s why we get the tree down so soon. Christmas is over, and the tree is just a painful reminder of that fact. So out it must go. Same thing with all the decorations.

But what about the music? Must it go? Or is it okay to play Christmas music this week?

I’ve always been of the mind frame that once Christmas has passed, all Christmas music must cease. My wife, however, thinks it’s okay to play Christmas music through the new year. Here’s the funny thing: she could care less whether or not Christmas music is playing. But me, on the other hand? The one who has over 24 hours of Christmas music on his iPod? The one who makes certain that soft yuletide harmonies are continuously piped into all of the speaker zones within our house starting the moment Thanksgiving dinner has concluded? I love Christmas music.

So it’s odd, no? That the one who loves the music has a “zero tolerance” policy toward playing it after Christmas while the one who doesn’t give a rip if it’s playing or not would be a-okay if it were doing just that?

“It is sad when Christmas is over.” I said back to my little boy. “And it’s even sadder because we can’t play Christmas music.”

“Here we go again,” said wife with a roll of her eyes. (Now might be a good time to mention that every December 26, I lament the fact that Christmas music is forbidden. About 30 times.) ”Every year we have this mindless debate about whether or not we can play Christmas music after Christmas. And every year, I say it’s fine, but you insist it’s not. Then you go on to obsess over it’s absence, bringing it up repeatedly.”

“Honey,” I protested…

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Festivus, Digital Nativity, Santa’s Tired Ass and My Oldest Daughther

Yuletide greetings, everyone. The image to the left is the photo which we attached to our Christmas card this year. Hard to believe that next year’s will include another face! Just a quick roundup post to give you links to my favorites of what I’ve written elsewhere during the past two weeks.

I just posted a bit on Festivus over at Babble which might amuse you.

Festivus May Be for The Rest of Us, But It Won’t Fly in My House

And this link will take you to a post which features a one of the coolest versions of the Nativity which I have ever seen. (YouTube video you HAVE to check out if you’ve not already seen it…)

The Nativity Scene Goes Digital

And I wrote a little cynical bit about Santa over at Man of the House which I thought was kinda funny.

How I Learned To Love Santa Again

But the highlight for me was the series of posts I did on my stepdaughter for Babble. One of them got picked up by the Huffington Post which was a really cool thing, I thought. I’ve already linked to it, so I won’t bother linking again, but I will provide you two other links to the other two posts I wrote.

This first one, I understand, is currently being considered by HuffPo. It’s a reaction to a recent New York Times piece which detailed hip new versions of blended families. Turns out the one Lovie and I have is the old fuddy-duddy type. (Give me a break.)

Traditional Step Family Model Out of Favor?

And this one contains one of my favorite Pookie stories ever. Of the three, it’s my personal favorite.

I Already Have A Daughter. Who Do You Think Let Me Marry My Wife?

Happy Holidays, y’all!

What to Expect When You’re NOT Expecting: Old, Tired, Pregnant and Surprised

Hard to believe we're adding one more to this posse.

When my wife and I first got married, there was no question that we wanted to have a child. However, that’s exactly what I wanted—a child. Caroline? She wanted two.

Turned out she was carrying the number we both wanted. Combined. Which, of course, tabled our debate. Thanks to my stepdaughter, the triplets meant a second, third and fourth child. And the only fifth we were interested in was in our liquor cabinet. You know, to occasionally calm the nerves which four kids were sure to rattle.

But you know what?

Read the rest at Man of the House (You kinda have to b/c it’s my birthday. Please?!)

A Blended Family, A Stepdaughter and Me

Pookie goofing off at the beach this past August.

Although we had gone to school together from 1980 to 1987, I hadn’t laid eyes on Caroline for nearly a decade. That is before I randomly bumped into her in 2004. Truth be known, I had always found her extremely attractive, even during the Carter administration when she was nothing more than a feisty little 6th grader equipped with the perfect blend of beauty and sass. And the all-grown-up version was somehow even more beautiful than I had remembered.

But in spite of our immediate chemistry, I knew a long-term relationship wasn’t in the cards. After all, Caroline was a single mom. And as a 34 year-old professional bachelor type, I had no interest in any of that. I mean, being a parent is hard enough. But being a stepparent? It’s downright impossible, a fact I understood all too well from my childhood.

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Bristol Palin, Dieting Babies and Elmo

Ah, Elmo. My old nemesis.

I promise that one day I’ll get used to the amount of writing I’m doing outside my personal blog and resume posting here as often as I once did. One day, soon, at that.

If for no other reason than because this is my favorite place to write. After all, it’s 100% me. That’s not to say I don’t like writing for other sites. I do. It’s just that at other places, I sometimes cover topics I may not have chosen to write about here.

However, much of what I write for other sites is stuff that I find interesting. What’s more, I think you might, too. So every Saturday, I’m going to (try to) put up a post here with links to my favorite non-JCO posts from the week prior. All of these curation posts, if you will, are categorized under “Babbling,” a new category you may have noticed in my toolbar.

Of the 10 posts I wrote at Babble this past week, three stand out. One of them has my favorite title, ever. Sadly, it’s about complete morons who subject their babies to diets.

Does This Onesie Make My Baby’s Butt Look Big?

Another is about an unlikely battle of wits. Bristol Palin versus Keith Olbermann. With a guest appearance made by the Situation.

Bristol Palin to Keith Olbermann: I’m Perfectly Qualified To Advocate Teen Abstinence

The third Babble post I liked? I poked fun at myself via a truly horrendous yuletide picture of my family taken last year.

Tis the Season for Awkward Family Photos: Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha, Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha

I liked my post at Man Of The House so much that I actually posted the first part of it here. It’s about my dad, who’s undoubtably enjoying his first holiday in Heaven with my sister Holliday. I’ve linked it again, in case you missed it.

Thanks, Dad: Determination, Strength and Dignity

And my efforts at the Good Men Project’s “Dad’s Good” (no so into the name “Dad’s Good”) are two oldies but goodies. One is a tender account of the night my 2 year-old comforted me for a change. If you read it, you’ll think I’m a woman.

Monster’s Scared

The other is a scathing letter to Elmo. If you read it, you’ll think I’m a jerk. Or that I hate Elmo. Possibly both.

Dear Elmo

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