Family beach vacations — Disney Story style

Disney Story

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So here’s the deal. I used to be fantastic at documenting the various activities of my family. And, what’s more, I was good about doing it with both still and moving pictures. But something’s happened over the past couple of years. Namely, my enthusiasm for documentation has waned. Don’t get me wrong. I’m wired creatively, and part of that creative wiring is attached to my family. Which means I’ll always be pretty good at documenting our wonderful life. 

BUT, I’m also more taxed than ever before. Because while my large brood is an unbelievable blessing, it’s also quite a handful. And, truth be told, the kiddos often rob me of precious time and energy. SO, while on paper, it may look great to take a digital camera, a DSLR camera and a video camera down to the beach, in reality, it’s all I can do to just carry the toys, chairs, food and water we’ll need.

Which means I’m no longer taking two cameras and a video camera to the beach. At least not as often as I used to. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t get creative and tell the story of our beach trip. Because I can. And in some ways, even better than before, thanks to Disney’s brand new “Story” app.

To prove that point, last week at the beach, I relied exclusively on my iPhone to capture the images and video that I felt best defined our time away. Then, I used the Disney Story app to create the slideshow you see embedded below.

And, straight up, it’s a piece of cake. The app practically does all the work for you, especially when it comes to grouping your photos by date. Then you just drag the pics / video clips where you want them, throw in some captions, and BOOM — you can share to Facebook, email to someone or even embed it to your blog like so:

Not bad, right? I’ll be sure to post here again with the help of the Disney Story app, but in the meanwhile, remember — you can tell your own story, too! Download the Disney Story app for FREE on iTunes!

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