Why I feel sorry for the Delta Gamma email girl

delta gamma email girl

I know this is probably a super uncool thing to say, but I just don’t care.

I feel incredibly sorry for the Delta Gamma email girl and I wish people would give her a break.

You’ve heard about this whole deal, right? The Delta Gamma sorority member who lit into her sisters via an impossibly profane email that was chock full of hateful language? Someone — presumably one of her sisters — leaked the politically incorrect diatribe to Gawker and BOOM! we had ourselves a good ol’ fashioned Internet fire.

It’s been all over the place. And while Gawker never referred to her by name, the piece was read millions of times. Which, naturally, meant that her name got out soon thereafter. And lots of entities decided to use it like HuffPoYahoothe Frisky (which has had a flat-out field day with her) and countless others. And overnight, this young lady became a villain.

Read more over at Babble by clicking HERE.

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  • Emily@tipsonlifeandlove.com

    Yes, of course I’ve heard of her, and yes I think she is a total bitch and it sucks her name got out but that was inevitable. And actually, I found she was widely applauded for being so.. brutal, and well, honest across many media outlets. I do think she needed to get the boot from her sorority and will probably lose quite a few friends, but wow, the email was entertaining to say the least. And today, when everyone is trying to entertain, I think that’s saying a lot!