The Triplets Start Kindergarten

NO. Not now. Soon enough, though, for we all know how quickly time travels. Next fall will be upon us in the blink of an eye. And while Caroline and I are most excited about what we perceive Kindergarten will do for the triplets, we’re also excited about the streamlining that’s about to go on.

See, as it is now, Caroline and I take five children to three different schools. And next year, the triplets will be attending the school our oldest goes to. And I gotta admit, the concept of dropping four kids off at the same place fills me with peace.

But do you know what fills me with angst? How the school will choose to split the triplets up.

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    Haha I was gonna say, aren’t you a little premature with all that Kindegarten talk? Never too early to start I guess, right?

    • John Cave Osborne

      they start Kindergarten in the fall, so i’m not really sure what you mean. doesn’t seem too early to me at all.

  • Fezuki

    That’s great you have many time to do that. So don’t worry they will be okay. You just need to make sure they were safe.