NYC Nanny Killings: Personalizing the Tragedy

A mom takes her three year old to a swim lesson and comes back to find that her two other children have been fatally stabbed, allegedly by the family nanny. I finish reading the story, then close out of the window and walk away from the computer, hoping it’s that simple to escape. But it’s not. It stays with me for the rest of the night.

And nothing else matters.

I go to bed, but sleep doesn’t come easily. I’m too busy thinking about the Krims.

The next morning on my way to the office, I remember something about the story — something quite inconsequential, but something that gives me pause nonetheless. The second I get in front of my desktop, I check to see if my memory has deceived me.

It has not.

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  • Robert Andrew

    John, I appreciate you bringing this situation to light. To be honest,something so heinous and completely horrific had me at first wanting to go to the grim blog to actually check it out in a genuine way . But I thought for a second after you mentioned your own stance and decided not to.

    Maybe if it is cathartic for her and helps her in mourning; so be it.

    But God forbid if something like that ever happened to my kids….well, turning on the computer and going to the internet is the last thing I would want to do !

    BTW, love your blogs and your craftsmanship of writing. It’s very refreshing as well as impressive.

    • John Cave Osborne

      Robert — thanks for the kind words. just to clarify, though — i don’t think Ms. Krim is currently updating her blog. what i meant was that her blog had been linked as part of the coverage of what had happened. as in: “here — this is the blog she kept before all this went down.”

      again, thanks for the visit and the nice compliment. really appreciate both.