Netting Shrimp To Use As Bait To Catch Redfish At The Beach

This post is about netting shrimp to use as bait to catch redfish at the beach. Shocker, right? Anyway, it’s a very cool process that my friend introduced us to. Yes. Same guy. My partner in dipshittery crime in the Great Balcony Lockout Debacle of 2012. Goodtimes.

Anyway when not lending a helping hand in shattering kitchen windows of beach-side condos, my buddy isn’t afraid to go to the tip of the island — right near the place his family stays — and catch redfish.

And this year, Alli, the triplets and I tagged along. It was awesome, y’all. Here’s how it went down from the throw of the net to the catching of the fish:

the windup

the release is key

damn good throw if you ask me

you gotta let the net do its thing real quick

you know, before you haul it in.

if you’re lucky, it’ll have a bunch of these in it.

which you’ll use to bait your line — btw…props to Alli for this great pic!

and with any luck, you’ll catch a coupla-three of these.

alli took this one, too. jack must have been off hauling in a whopper. you can tell sammy’s gonna be a badass angler because badass anglers pretty much all wear crab sunglasses and whatnot.

all in all, a great day. the fishing was good, too.


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