Nature’s Own Thrill of the Gill Challenge: And the Winner Is…

Okay, y’all, sorry for not getting this to you sooner, but I’ve gotten a few emails / FB messages asking me what was up with the Nature’s Own Thrill of the Grill Challenge and the answer is…

I’m not sure yet. The contest ended at midnight on July 8, but there were a lot of blogs entered and I’m sure there’s lots to sort out. HOWEVER I gotta think that my blog at least stands a fighting chance given the incredible response from all y’all.

ANYWAY, one thing you should know is this: in the event that my blog is the winner, I’ve decided to keep the Big Green Egg®. JUST KIDDING. (How lame would that be?)

So, seriously, if my blog is the winner, I’ve decided to hold a “drawing” at so that you’ll know the drawing was on the up and up. It’s a website that totally documents everything and was suggested to me by several people who do a lot of giveaway-type stuff. If and when I’m notified that JCOdotCom is the winner, it’ll take me just a bit to get everything to the folks at (there are like 110-ish comments that I’ll have to go through), so even if I found out this very minute, I’d probably not be able to announce a winner until tomorrow at the earliest.

But the next word you’ll hear from me on the matter will either be (a) congrats to so and so, winner of the Big Green Egg® or (b) shoot, y’all, we didn’t win. If it’s (a), then I’ll provide a link to the page on that documented the drawing, again, so you’ll know it was all on the up and up. (I’d never do y’all dirty. You know that, right?)

ONE THING TO NOTE: only comments with grilling tips count. I’m not sure how I feel about the whole “Grilling tip: let your husband do the grilling” bit. What I might see is if the folks behind Nature’s Own Thrill of the Grill Challenge considered it a legit tip or not. I don’t wanna be a stick in the mud and I plan on being as liberal in interpreting what counts as possible, but, still, rules are rules, bla, bla, bla.

Anyway, I just wanted to keep you posted because I’m sure some of you are wondering what was up.

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  • the muskrat

    Well I sure as hell hope my comment counted–I really do a better job while having a beer!