The Unplanned Baby That Was Always Part of the Plan

Caroline and I were having dinner with my sister and mother last weekend when my sister, who totally loves Luke, said something quite interesting. It was along the lines of “You know, when I first heard Caroline was expecting again, I was like ‘No, no. I like it the way it is.’ ” She went on, of course, to talk about how now, she’s so smitten with Luke and with the current iteration of our family that she couldn’t believe she ever had such thoughts.

And anyone who’s ever had a surprise baby (as Luke was) can probably relate to such a sentiment. At least, I could. Anyway, the wonderful conversation which ensued inspired this post that I wrote for Disney, and, for the first time ever, I feel as if I finally put into words just why it is that we’re all so lucky to have Luke onboard — most notably, perhaps, the triplets.

Anyway, it felt great to write it for some reason, and if you’re in that same surprise-pregnancy boat (or know someone who is), this might be something worth reading. OH, and thanks to S.A. who corrected me: I meant “throes” as opposed to “throws.” (Embarrassing, but oh well!)

Our baby Luke was a surprise, y’all. And when Caroline and I learned she was pregnant with him, we fainted were smack dab in the middle of the throes of toddlerhood. Times three. You see, I went from carefree bachelor to father of four in just 13 months thanks to marrying a single mom, then quickly conceiving triplets.

And the triplets had proven to be quite a handful, especially when they were three-years-old, which was exactly when we learned of Luke (or Grand Finale as I’d taken to calling him at that point). And the end result was two 41-year-old parents who loved their family exactly as it was. Four kids were plenty, thank you very much. Especially in light of the difficulty which came part and parcel with the triplets.

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  • S.A.

    So lovely and well written. I really enjoy all of your writing about your life and adjustments in the post Luke era. And man you guys make cute kids. (ps throes not throws)

    • John Cave Osborne

      @S.A. AH! Thank you so much for that edit. Unfortunately I can’t do anything about it till Moday, but I’ll be all over that when I’m back in my office. thanks, too, for your kind sentiment. really appreciate you stopping by!