How to Make the Best Chicken You’ll Ever Eat

Two quick things: First, this post is sponsored by World Harbors which makes a lineup of marinades ideal for grilling. And second, thanks to World Harbors, I’ve made the best chicken wings I’ve ever made, and if you wanna make chicken wings that will blow you away, you’re in luck. Because I’m gonna break it down for you in this post.

Anyone who knows me well also knows this: I’m passionate about grilling. In fact, I believe that grilling is a form of art which is exactly why I also believe that one’s grilling is limited only by one’s imagination. So when I was recently approached by World Harbors to write a couple of posts about their grill-related marinades to help spread the word about their “Passport to Flavor” sweeps, I totally agreed. You know, because I’m so passionate about grilling. Well, that, and because when you have five kids, it’s never a horrible thing if you have a legitimate, work-related excuse to bail on your wife and fire up the grill.

Plus, World Harbors’ Golden Label Sweeps is a great contest that I’m happy to help promote. The sweeps is called Passport to Flavor and will run through September third, and I suggest you check it out. Because six lucky people will win an exotic vacation to one of the following places: Maui, Fiji, Tahiti, Cabo or New England. Oh, and some other poor fella is gonna win a tropical cruise. Just for buying one of the following marinades: Maui Mountain Teriyaki (outstanding on Salmon) Maui Mountain Sweet ‘N Sour (hello? pork tenderloin…) and Jamaican Style Jerk (so good with chicken).

See, if you buy one of those bottles of World Harbors marinade and find a golden ticket therein, you’re a winner. It’s kinda like Willy Wonka, only marinades, not candy. And no need for a therapist due to some bad Oompa Loompa fallout, I might add.

But back to the marinades. Remember how I said that I believe that one’s grilling is only limited by one’s imagination? Well, that’s one reason why I loved using the World Harbors marinades so much. Because their culturally diverse lineup did, in fact, appeal to my imagination. Which is exactly how I came up with these wings I’m about to tell you about.

It started when I picked up a bottle of World Harbors Australian Style Bar-B. Ever impatient (I mean, I am the guy who had three kids at once, after all…), I opened the bottle the moment I got home and dipped my finger inside (after washing my hands, mind you, because when you have triplets you become a total germaphobe) to get a little taste and was immediately taken by the sweet ginger I detected. I instantaneously knew that I wanted to play on that sweet ginger which prompted me to turn right back around and head out the door.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Caroline asked.

“To get some Dr. Pepper.”


“You’ll see.”

And see, she did. When I used it in conjunction with the World Harbors Australian Style Bar-B marinade to rock the best wings she and I have ever had. Some visual proof, y’all.

It should be noted that Caroline’s mom, who is an EXCELLENT cook and a tough critic when it comes to food (rightfully so, I might add, given what she can crank out…) fell in love with the drummies, too.

Sure, John. But maybe she was just saying that.

Okay. Maybe. But the very next day, my mother-in-law asked if I’d be willing to make chicken for an upcoming dinner party she’s hosting. So, there’s that.

Naturally, I said yes. I mean, first, it’s an honor to even be asked such a question by someone who’s that great of a cook. And, also, you know, when you have five kids, it’s never a horrible thing to have an excuse to kick it by the grill. And if Caroline says so much as a single word about it?

“But, honey, I’m doing this for your mom.”

Anyway, if you’re into incredibly delicious chicken, follow the directions below for the best wings you’ll ever have.

World Harbors Down Under Dr. Pepper Drummies

  • Pick up 50 (or however many you feel you can fit on your grill or smoker) “chicken wing drummettes” or “drummies” as a lot of people call them. Local peeps, I suggest Food City.
  • Marinate them in World Harbors Australian Style Bar-B marinade for 30 minutes. (I’m a stickler for marinading meats overnight, but the back of the bottle says “at least 30 minutes.” I was skeptical when I first tried it out, but I only marinated the chicken for three hours and they were… fantastic. If you can let them sit overnight, it’s not gonna hurt anything, but I wouldn’t be afraid to take World Harbors on their word when it comes to the 30-minute thing. Which is another reason why I like the marinades so much — they’re quick and easy, y’all…)
  • Soak a bunch of hickory chips for at least an hour. (How funny is that? The chips require more prep time than the meat.)
  • Fill a small spray bottle with part Dr. Pepper and part water. (I went 3 parts Dr. Pepper, 1 part water.)
  • Pour the rest of your Dr. Pepper into a drip pan.
  • Get your smoker or grill up to 225, then throw your hickory chips on top of the coals. Make sure you don’t use them all, because you’ll need more as the drummies cook.
  • Place the drip pan filled with Dr. Pepper directly under your wings. As they cook, the Dr. Pepper will evaporate and its steam, along with smoke from the hickory, will coat your chicken with flavor. The Dr. Pepper plays brilliantly with the sweet ginger prevalent in the Australian Style Bar-B marinade.
  • Cook at 225 for three hours with indirect heat making sure to add chips as needed and to spray chicken early and often (and liberally) with the water / Dr. Pepper mix. I sprayed every 20 minutes or so.
  • ENJOY!

You’ll notice that this recipe calls for cooking with indirect heat, so if you have a smoker or a Big Green Egg, you’re all set. But even if you have a regular charcoal grill, you can still totally do this. Just put the coals/hickory chips on one side and the drip pan on the other, placing the meat on the drip-pan side.

Although World Harbors did not ask me to do this, I made a “how-to” video on how to make (what I’m calling) the World Harbors Down Under Dr. Pepper Drummies. And the reason why I made that video despite the fact that it wasn’t required of me is because of how passionate I am about their products. I’ve officially fallen for them. So if you or your spouse / significant other / one of your friends likes to grill, I strongly suggest y’all give World Harbors a whirl. You’ll be glad you did. Plus, you know, you might find yourself kicking it in Fiji. Which wouldn’t exactly suck, either.

Learn more about World Harbors by visiting the World Harbor website or the World Harbors Facebook page.

Now, here’s that video:

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