The Week Without Luke

See that picture up there? It was taken about two months ago. To the casual observer, I’m sure it’s a very good likeness to Luke, indeed. But I can obviously tell it’s a dated shot of my junior-most associate because, you know, I’m his dad and all.

And the reason why I put it up is twofold. First — it’s an awfully cute picture — don’t you think? But second, this past Friday marked the first time I’d seen my baby in a full week, you know, since he and the rest of the crew went to the beach while I remained at home and made hot air balloons and whatnot. (Long story.) And I was amazed at how much my little guy had changed in that short amount of time.

I mean, Alli hadn’t changed that much. Nor had the triplets. Same deal with my wife. She looked the exact same as she did the moment she left. (Unless you didn’t think you looked good when you left, honey, in which case you looked totally different and better than ever.)

But Luke? He looked so much bigger. Still not walking (was so worried that was gonna happen while they were away!), but he had picked up two new teeth. And perfected his little clapping / paddy-cake maneuver. And added a new noise or two to his arsenal.

And gained a bit or strength, or so I gathered when he grabbed, then pulled upon my sorta-beard (another long story). But I didn’t mind the sorta-beard pull. I was just glad to have him back.

You know how people are always talking about how hard it is to believe that a certain amount of time has passed? Like when you hear someone saying I can’t believe it’s already summer. That school year really flew by. The reason that time passes so quickly is because it’s relative and with each passing year, the next one becomes a smaller percentage of our lives.

Only Luke hasn’t lived that much life yet. So even a time increment as small as a week is still a fairly big percentage of his life. So it only makes sense that the changes he underwent were noticeable ones. Especially to me, his father.

So much time had passed that I was actually worried that he’d have trouble bonding with me, but apparently all it took was the sorta-beard yank because after that, he was all giggles and wanted no part of anyone but his dad. Which made him do this:

I’m sorry, what was that? Oh, yes. Right you are. That picture of Luke smiling is an old one, too. Taken the exact same day as the photo above, in fact.

Still, it’s good enough to illustrate my point. Because Luke’s smile didn’t change one bit the week he was away. In fact, it’s never changed.

And I hope it never does.

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  • muskrat

    At first, I thought this post was going to be about how you’ve only been reading Matthew and John this week, but then I realized it was something different.  

    • John Cave Osborne

      you’re nothing if not funny. and clever. 

  • Jenn


    • John Cave Osborne

      kinda my thought, too, Jenn.