Homemade Hot Air Balloons: The Liftoff Edition

Okay, so our homemade hot air balloon can’t quite rival the one pictured above. Still, though, it’s pretty kick-ass. And when we last left off, my redneck friends and I were tinkering around with it at one of our favorite campsites. Unfortunately, we couldn’t quite get that damn thing airborne, though trying repeatedly to do just that was one of the most wholesome brands of fun I’ve had in quite some time. (Is it “quite some time” or “quite sometime”? I think it’s “quite some time.”)

But it was more than just fun. It was challenging. And my friends and I love challenges. Which is exactly why I closed my last post with: Stay tuned for the video I make when we finally get it to work. Because I can promise you that it’s coming.

And today I make good on that promise with a little something I like to call OHAB (Operation Hot Air Balloon): The Liftoff Edition. For those of you who want to get the whole story, check out the original post by clicking HERE, then come back and watch round II.

All set? Okay, good. Without further ado, I give you OHAB: The Liftoff Edition…

So there you have it. Liftoff. But stay tuned for the next step in this evolution and that’s OHAB: The Outside Launch Edition. And don’t think I won’t be getting my kids in on this. Because I will be.

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