Contemplating Luke and Briggs

This post is spon­sored by Dis­ney Baby. I’ll be join­ing the Dis­ney Baby blog­ging team this month, and look for­ward to shar­ing these kinds of sto­ries with you over there — stay tuned for more details.

Another quick note: not the best quality of picture, but it’s one of my very favorites pics ever. It was taken outside in our gazebo in January-ish and it was Luke’s first experience seeing a fire. He loved it, staring with wide blue eyes, dancing flames reflecting from each. Now, the post:

If you count dogs as children (and, seriously, who doesn’t?), then my oldest wouldn’t be Alli. It’d be Briggs. My youngest, of course, would be Luke. And like I mentioned yesterday, I’ve sorta been feeling guilty about having written so little about Luke, particularly as compared to his siblings.

Which is one reason why I was so excited to be asked by Disney to write for their new site DisneyBaby — it’s just the impetus I needed to spend some time hashing through and documenting my thoughts about my little blue-eyed man. Which is only appropriate given the fact that his impending arrival had given me great pause and was steeped in symbolism for me. Partly because I’m neurotic and tend to over-analyze things. (So wait, you’ve noticed? Wow. Okay. Well, where would you say I fall on the over-analytical continuum? Like 75th percentile-ish? A touch lower, maybe even? Because, seriously, I’m not that bad. I mean, you should see my Aunt Jill. NUT. BAG.)

But, partly, too, because there was symbolism to be found via similarities shared. Luke and I are both products of a blended family. We’re both the fifth / last of five (human) children. We’re both the only people in our respective families who are blood related to every single person in that family. We were both surprises. And we were both born to parents who were in their early 40s.

Luke’s my full circle, y’all. All I ever was, and given the fact that it wasn’t that long ago (7 years) when I was convinced (pre-Caroline) that I’d never have children — all I ever wanted to be all rolled into one. So, yeah. Steeped in symbolism via all those similarities.

That’s not to say I’m expecting him to turn out like me. First, I’d not wish that on anyone. You know, the whole neurotic, over-analytical thing. (That wasn’t too self-deprecating was it?) But second, like any parent — all I want for each of my children is for he or she to become exactly who he or she was always meant to be.

And I’m beginning to wonder if Luke wasn’t meant to be a veterinarian. Because his BFF is none other than his oldest sibling. Briggs. Isn’t that wonderful? The only two in our household who rely on all fours to get around bridging the gap between man and beast and engaging in a little intra-creature, non-verbal bonding?

In many regards, Briggs and Luke are in similar boats. And those boats often get tossed and turned in the wake of the triplets. Because at age four, they’re still quite the force. A dependent force at that. Not as dependent as Luke, naturally. But, oddly, in need of more “touches” if that makes any sense. So, during the witching hour, when it’s bathe-a-triplet central (with a toothpaste / toothbrush chaser), Luke just minds his own business, crawling from one toy to the next, quietly considering them all before selecting whichever succeeded in winning his fancy. And more times than not, that toy is not a toy at all, but rather, the other being in our house who often defers to the triplets.

Watching Luke and Briggs bond gives me chills, and I’m not sure why. I mean, maybe it’s because he’s bonding with my favorite dog of all times. But not only that — also bonding with him way more than the triplets did when they were babies, in part because the triplets’ multitude of neediness has created a situation conducive for such bonding.

Or maybe it’s because I know that Briggs makes him happy and that he makes Briggs happy.

Or maybe it’s just how pure their exchanges are. Joy in its simplest manifestation. Love at its most base level. Puppy love, even.

Or maybe I need to take off my dramatic panties and stop over-analyzing my dog and my baby and just enjoy the ride.

Here are some pics to help you enjoy that ride. If you’re friends with me on FB, then you’ve maybe already seen these as I just uploaded them the other day. (And if you’re not friends with me on FB and want to connect that way, please look me up.)

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  • neal call

    nothing like a baby who’s got a best friend. Addison’s is stuffed, which is fine, I guess. But as an adult looking at it, it just seems more justifiable to be head over heels about something that breathes, something that has blood coursing through its veins. More power to Briggs and Luke 

    • john cave osborne

      yeah, the triplets have plenty of stuffed friends. and i’m sure Luke will, too. but, for now at least, Briggs is the, well, top dog.