A Briggs Update Plus A Chance to Win Something

So, Briggs had his surgery and he’s totally good. With the exception that he’s confined to a crate for eight weeks and will need quite a bit of care during that time. He’s also wearing the cone of shame. And he’s not allowed off of his leash even when he’s using the bathroom. And he’s on a bunch of medicine. While it’s gone as well as it could to this point, and while I’m thankful that I’ve gotten this chance to be able to love on him so much, one thing’s for sure:

Boy are we ever the wrong family to have a dog in such a constant state of need.

Our mornings have gone from chaotic-but-manageable to sitcom-funny in the blink of an eye. Still, nothing we won’t gladly endure for our faithful hound. I posted something on Babble a few days ago that recounts a few of my favorite Briggs stories and concludes with some pictures of him through the years. Take a peek by clicking HERE.

Also — you know what question I get a lot? What do you use to make your home movies? It all begins and ends with the camera I use — the Sony HD HandyCam. I was recently asked to take part in a series of sponsored posts over at Babble about the HandyCam. One cool thing is that you’ll be eligible to win one (I think they’re like $650 or something)  by commenting on any of the Sony posts on Babble (including mine) and answering the following question: What’s your favorite family memory?

So if you’d like to check that out and maybe even give yourself a chance to win by leaving a comment then click HERE.

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