It’s Official: Having Kids Has Lowered My Testosterone Level.

Me and Jack, right when I began to lose all my manliness.

I’ve never been more tired than I’ve been over the past couple of years. Kids, right? I mean, even before Grand Finale, we still had four kids. And I always figured I was tired because I was chasing all of them around.

So, in January, I decided to do something about it by working out more. The good news is that I’ve kept it up throughout the entire year. The bad news? Unlike other times when I’ve upped the exercise, this time I’ve not noticed any increase in my energy level, or for that matter, any changes to my physique. And I’ve often wondered why.

A new study I read about late last night might have given me the answer, though I’m not so sure it’s the one I wanted to hear.

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