Caroline Discusses Her Pregnancy (Video)

You know what I thought would be fun? To make a video of me interviewing Caroline about her pregnancy while we were on Spring Break this past March. It was to be called “Lifestyles of the Hitched and Aimless — The Barefoot and Pregnant Edition” and was sure to be equal parts charm and hilarity. Yet as we tried to film it? Neither one of us was feeling it, so we nixed it. But this past weekend, we decided to give it another go, only without the whole fancy-name bit — just a good-ol fashioned interview in which we hoped to showcase a bit of the playful banter in which we often engage.

And I’m glad we went back to the drawing board. Because not only was I reasonably pleased with the final result, but I also got to embed it on my blog. And, well, given that she’s 38 weeks pregnant, it’s been quite a while since I’ve embedded Caroline.

Yes. Well.

Anyway, below you’ll find the video of my charming and beautiful wife. Once you see how effortlessly she deals with my annoying questions as well as the triplets, it’ll be easy for you to figure out why I love her, so.

One warning. The video is probably a bit too long, but that was intentional. Because, see, since I knew I was gonna embed her, I wanted it to last as long as possible.

Okay. Here it is. (Oh. And if you wanna see what she looks like when she’s not pregnant, check out this video of her, too.)

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About john cave osborne

John Cave Osborne is a writer whose work has appeared on such sites as DisneyBaby, Babble, YahooShine, TLC and the Huffington Post. He was also referenced by Jezebel one time, but he’s pretty sure they were making fun of him. He and his wife, Caroline, live with their five children and spastic dog in Knoxville, TN. Nothing annoys him more than joke-heavy bios written in the third person, with the possible exception of Corey Feldman.

  • Katymcrox

    Thing one: Your wife is adorable and I love how her belly shook so hard when she laughed!
    Thing two: I love how much less annoyed she was as soon as you moved the interview to the pool.
    Thing three: Every woman that far into pregnancy will be annoyed by her husband with every word out of his mouth. I thank GOD that my husband completely understood that and loved me anyway and I’m sure Caroline feels the same gratitude in regards to you.

    • John Cave Osborne

      re: thing 2 — i think the reason why she seemed less annoyed when we got to the pool was that by then, somehow, the pregnancy had become easier. she really struggled at the beginning. and though she’s over it and totally ready to have our baby, she’s also found that the pregnancy has gotten a bit easier. thanks for watching! (and i agree. my wife is adorable!)

  • Juli Westgate

    I just love your Southern accents and Caroline most definitely does not have cankles.

    • John Cave Osborne

      re: southern accents — C has a really pretty one. re: cankles — i know! she’s crazy…

  • Nubian

    Your wife is adorable and gorgeous and she is right, you are a dork.  ;~)

    • John Cave Osborne

      Nubian, you’re my new bestie b/c of how effortlessly you just called me a dork.

  • s.a.

    Oh my gawd. Kirby’s little southern accent kills me!
    My husband does the crumpled paper towels (we call them nuggets) and string cheese wrappers too. 
    Please try and stop doing this, that would be awesome. :)

    Clearly gestation has induced psychosis because Caroline does not have cankles, in fact her legs at 38 weeks are so slim that it’s really not fair. You guys are adorable together. Your babies are lucky to have you guys as parents.

    • John Cave Osborne

      nuggets! classic! re: cankels, Caroline’s crazy. and thanks for the nice words! though i’m not sure that any of our kids are lucky given how crazy things get around here…

      • heather patton reyda

        little piece of advice….if you want to make it the full 40 weeks….calling pregnant women crazy, may, just may not be the best way to get there…..(ps she has no idea what a cankle is if she thinks she has them……)

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  • Alesa

    Dude, I thought she was gonna’ tear your head right off around 3:20-3:22. Never been pregnant, never wanna’ be, not even curious what it’s like – but this is absolutely HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laughs.

    • John Cave Osborne

      thanks for watching. and she actually did tear my head right off, but i edited it out…

  • Angela

    Seriously, tell your wife that the consensus of the general public is that she DOES NOT have cankles.  :)

    • John Cave Osborne

      Angela, don’t worry. i’ve told her. and showed her the comments.

  • Debbie

    Your wife looks fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • John Cave Osborne

      Debbie — she’s lovely, isn’t she? thanks for the nice compliment. i showed it to her and she really appreciated it! (wonder why it doesn’t work when i compliment her?)

  • muskrat

    When this popped up in my reader, I thought “Dude shot 11 minutes of his pregnant wife? WTF?”  But then I watched it with my wife, and we both agreed (actually, it was more her than me–I like you):  Caroline is cool, and you’re a dork. 

    • John Cave Osborne

      tell your wife that i just returned her book.

      • muskrat


  • Heather Patton Reyda

    1. it is nothing shy of a M.I.R.A.C.L.E. that caroline has not taken to toddies during this pregnancy, what with your handy camera around
    2. it is also, nothing shy of a miracle that you are still alive.
    3. if #2 goes bad, sorry fella, but i have her back. and? i MAY know people…..she will never spend a day incarcerated……

    • John Cave Osborne

      HA! i see, swipercop. so that’s the way we’re gonna play it, huh? am i gonna be swimmin’ w/ the fishes? and yes, caroline’s, um, CRAZY if she thinks she has cankles. you know what, swiper cop? i bet you were a piece of work when you were carrying. (love you, girl…)

  • Karrie

    First, fellow Knoxvillian here (holla!). Second, you’re wife is adorable! She has a great sense of humor which I’m sure comes in handy with such a house full.-I throughly enjoyed this interview of her. And third, I’m completely jealous of her fantastic legs. I’m pregnant with my first child (5 weeks to go for me) and my butt and legs have taken a hit. Oi! Oh, and I might have been drooling over your pool, too. Ahh, to have one to enjoy while pregnant must be fantastic.

    • John Cave Osborne

      first, i love me some ktown peeps. second, you’re sweet. i think she’s adorable, too. third, GL w/ your pregnancy! that’s so awesome and exciting. and fourth, hey, you’re in Ktown. you come by and swim ANYTIME. (just be ready for us to pawn one of the kiddos off on you, though!) thanks for visiting. i hope you’ll come back. and, again, good luck with your pregnancy. first child. so great. i bet y’all are so excited…

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