5 Things I’ve Learned from My Toddler Triplets

My latest piece for TLC’s Parentable’s blog is all about our wee threesome. Namely the lessons that they’ve taught me. After all, we’re just 4 weeks from the birth of Grand Finale, and I’m sorta starting to freak out, so I thought now would be the perfect time to write something about what we learned last go round.

So if I’ve already sold you on wanting to read the post, then click here. But, if you wanna find out what the five categories are as well as see the pics I used for the actual post before you decide weather or not to click on over to Parentables, that’s fine, too. I’ve posted them after the jump.

The five things Sam, Jack and Kirby have taught us?

1. Logic (no pic for this one)

2. Democracy


Someone's usually the odd man out.

3. Pace


Aha! She's ahead of him.


4. Personal Property

I parked 'em here because they're mine. So DON'T touch 'em.

5. Infinity

It's endless.


To read the full post, visit TLC’s Parentbles blog by clicking here.


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  • http://www.loulousviews.com Loukia

    I can’t get enough of your gorgeous triplets, seriously. I always think about the video you posted way back in the day (ha!) of them when you were flying solo for the night. They’re so cute, and they grow up so fast! My kids have taught me SO much. I think i learn something new every single day…

    • http://johncaveosborne.com John Cave Osborne

      super late in responding to this, loukia, but wanted to say thank you, and YES, i think kids teach us something new everyday. assuming we’re paying attention. i’ve got another video i’m posting here in a sec that i hope you’ll check out. it’s a 5-minute deal on the boat camping trip i just took my 9yo daughter on. i’m a video geek and and this was the first time i’d used this new HD video camera and SLR camera i recently got. it turned out pretty cool.

      hope you’re well!