My Attempt at Laundry? More Like the Dense Cycle

One of my favorite sites I write for is the GoodMenProject. They recently asked if I’d do a quick bit about laundry and I was thrilled they did. For I have very strong, albeit detached feelings about laundry and it centers around my beautiful wife’s mastery of it. It was fun to write, but then again, it’s not every day I get to use the word load. Or make parallels between my laundry life and impotence.

I know. I’m like 15. Here it is, however, should you still wanna read it:

Almost as daunting to me as going off to college was the prospect of doing my own laundry. Until I realized something, that is. Laundry’s a lay up—one I made countless times armed only with a handful of change, a box of detergent, and a rudimentary understanding of my exciting new world which was suddenly subdivided into tidy little categories defined by water temperature and fabric color.

That’s not to say I didn’t have an occasional mishap. Indeed, I did. Often it was my liberal interpretation of what, exactly, fit into the whites category. Hot water, it turns out, isn’t always as forgiving as one might like. Or so I gathered by the plethora of ambiguously pink apparel that suddenly graced my wardrobe.

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